Wednesday, August 13, 2008

John Edwards Is Pathetic!

John, you are married and you have the capability to say NO, even IF you were pursued by other women. I am sure women find you attractive, etc., etc., but the fact is, you say NO!

Why didn't you call Elizabeth the evening you "sneaked" in the hotel and spent 5 hours with Ms Hunter and the baby? Instead, you spents those hours in a hotel room and then called your wife! WTF!

Your career is over ....

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Anonymous said...

I believe he only called his wife afterwards because the people from NI magazine caught him sneaking out of Ms. Hunter's hotel room.

He messed up BIG time. I believe he needs to acknowledge that this baby is indeed his child. Not necessarily to the public, but to his wife, Elizabeth. Then take responsibility for the child by legally arranging ONLY child support payments and perhaps joint custody for visitation with just the child. No more CONTACT with Ms. Hunter.
Be a MAN john edwards and acknowledge your own baby for goodness sake. If only for the reason that this baby will grow up and want to know who her "REAL" dad is??? And when Ms. Hunter tells her (hopefully the truth) daughter, when she asks, that it is you (john edwards), she won't later find out on the internet that you completely denied that you were her dad.