Monday, August 18, 2008

Hijacking Links And Threads

Everything that is written on a public blog, forum, etc., somehow gets into cyber-space for any one in the world to find. All you have to do is put in a few key words, and the world opens up to you in an instant.

If I personally take something from another forum, I respectfully acknowledge that forum with a direct link back to them. I never take anyone else's links in order to add links to my blog.

Everything that is out there is easily accessible if you just take the time and search it all out.

For instance, the other night Tony Padilla was on Websleuths posting to the great group of members in the wee hours of the morning. I happened to catch the posts the next day and decided to blog about it.

However, before I even blogged, I did a search on Tony Padilla, just for the heck of it. Low and behold, so many forums were talking about Tony Padilla on "Websleuths" and I thought "wow, big news in cyberspace"!

Sometimes there is this "underlying, third person, talk format in forums about people while you sit there and read what they are writing. It's like your name is out there in bold print but it is really invisible. And they try hard to get you into a debate. Inch by inch, just testing the nerve endings to see "is she going to bite?"

Then there are those that are so high and mighty and feel the small things a person asks or questions is too trivial to be answered and seek it yourself. Like WTF!!!

You hear "integrity" and this must mean something, blah, blah, blah. Well if I knew the person, face to face, and knew more than just words, then maybe I wouldn't ask for FACTS!

My little blog is written by me, searched by me and shared with others. I like my neat little package of things that are meaningful to me, and if I see something that followers of my blog like to see, it is here for them to read.

So my fellow followers, always check-in to see what I have to say, because in my little space, there is no debate as I have the last word! :)

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