Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dearest Caylee,

Today is Wednesday, August 27, 2008 and you have been missing for 73 days. But there is great news today, because there is some news out there that just perhaps there is a shining light that will direct all of us to you.

YUP, some expert men on this farm have determined that you were in the trunk of your mommy's car. Yes, I can hear you say "well I have been telling you all along I was in there." I know that as well as so many other people Caylee, it's just it takes so long to make sure that you were there.

It make take a little longer to locate you, but I feel we will find you. Your mommy has until tomorrow, Thursday, August 28, 2008 to let the nice police detectives know exactly where you are. (update: extended to September 2, 2008)

These nice men have offered your mommy what is called "limited immunity." I am not sure exactly what they offered, but I have a feeling it maybe "if you tell us where Caylee is then we won't punish you too hard." update: limited immunity has not been confirmed or denies my state attorney's office.

I don't want to really explain it to you in detail Caylee about "we won't punish you too hard", because you don't really need to know all those details.

Gosh Caylee, I have had so many mixed emotions once I heard the news. First I was excited, then I was sad, then I was concerned, and then I became mad. Now I am "hopeful" that you will be found, and found in a safe place, perhaps very close to home.

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Anonymous said...

this is wonderful what u r doing for this beautiful little girl!!!!!!