Friday, August 22, 2008

Dearest Caylee

Dearest Caylee,

I saw your mommy today, in fact, this morning as your grandpa and a friend of your grandpa's drove your mommy to the attorney's office today.

Your mommy was with this attorney to give him all the information about finding you, because your mommy knows where you are.

Your mommy spent a lot of time with this attorney, somewhere around 7 hours and even had to call someone to get permission to stay a little longer with this attorney. And you know what? This person said it was alright for your mommy to stay. In fact, your mommy even had to call again to stay even longer and your mommy got permission to do that again.

I saw your mommy leave the attorney's office late this afternoon. She had on a blue raincoat with a hood and even had her backpack on. Grandpa was wearing the "Where is Caylee" tee shirt, but your mommy didn't have one on. But she did wear a bright-white towel to cover her face so no one could see her.

I didn't get to tell you yesterday, but when mommy got out of jail, she wanted everyone to see her face because your mom said: "she innocent in losing you!"

I would so love to say there are millions of people looking for you, but that is not what is happening. You see Caylee, no one knows where to look for you because your mommy is just not telling anyone.

Sure your mommy told many people you were with this person or that person and last seen this day and in fact, your mommy even made many phone calls on June 16, 17th and 18th, but no one answered the calls, or knew not to answer the calls.

Mommy even came back to your grandparents home one day and even borrowed a shovel so your tender feet didn't get injured by all the bamboo shoots. The only problem was you weren't even there to hurt your little feet.

Caylee, I do want you to know that the little doggies in the house miss you because I saw one of them jump on your bed only a couple of days after mommy lost you somewhere.

Every single night I ask for a dream to remember in hopes it would give me, or anyone a clue where we can just go and get you and bring you home. There are millions and millions of people who are praying that you will be found. I even pray for your mother, to reach in her heart and tell anyone where you are.

I look at the picture of you in your great-grandpa's lap as he held onto you on June 15, 2008. You looked so scared at that moment and your great-grandpa didn't seem very happy at that time either.

Caylee, soon you will be found and brought back. It's going to take a little longer, but this will happen. You need to come back, everyone needs to see you come back, and our hearts fill with tears knowing you coming back may not be the way we all would like it to be.

I shared my private, speechless thoughts nightly to the dear Lord above, because I had the vision of you sitting in God's lap as he held onto you so tightly telling you "you are now safe with me" and the look you had while you sat with your great-grandpa is no longer that of being scared, but now a very happy little girl.

Until tomorrow Caylee ....


Anonymous said...

Oh, Patty, that is just beautiful. I'm a fellow WSer and I appreciate all the work you do for our forum and all the heart you put into writing this letter to Caylee. I pray for Caylee also.

Mary said...

Patty, being new to blogging I'm not certain how to comment on your letter to Caylee so am doing it this way.

Prepare your heart Patty for the conclusion to this story. You are a sensitive and loving person immersed in this, investing much time and emotion and you will find how very much so when the horrifying truth is told.

I live in Randolph, Vermont. You may know our devastation.

We held our breath praying and praying. But only had to hold on one week, unlike this story. Twelve year old Brooke's body was found in a shallow grave not far from her uncle's home. (a couple miles from me) The same man now in custody who had come to church the week before with all the family to try and cover for himself seeking prayer. Then the true horror began to unravel and now facing the trial beginning in the near future, more and more horrors yet unveiled.

I am reminding myself of the day we found our Brooke in relation to Caylee. I weep as I write. We are so heartbroken here. Just please prepare your heart Patty.

Patty said...

Hi Mary, and thank you for your comments to my "Dear Caylee" letter.

I have believed from the day I first heard about Caylee that Caylee is no longer with us but in a much better place.

I write to Caylee, just to write to get it out of my system.

I followed Brooke's story and it broke my heart when they found her. It breaks my heart for all the children that have gone missing, and found only to be at the hands of a relative.

All I want is Caylee to be found and brought back!

Thank you again for contacting me.

Patty said...

To my fellow WS, thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. I need to write to get it out of me ...


Mary said...

I assumed so and I am so glad to hear you say so. How deluded and sad for the Anthonys. Hopefully we will learn the truth of all those responsibles' acts involving sweet Caylee's death. I pray her mother did not place her in the hands of someone like this monster here in Vermont. Often times people do not like to talk about these situations. My only ability to heal is to talk and work with Jim and Janet Bennett on all events planned in Brooke's memory.
As the Anthony story, this is a complex one, but in both cases a precious, precious little girl is in the comfort and glory of Jesus Christ, my true only source of comfort.

My anger level is another complete blog. Perhaps I will start one on Brooke's Justice. We need to seek that for Caylee as well.

Patty said...

Mary, I am like you, I have to write to get it out otherwise I would go nuts.

When Brooke went missing and I saw the video in the, I'll say 7-11 for lack of the correct name, I watched Brooke body language and something just wasn't right.

I have to admit I was frustrated with Brooke's mother regarding the man she married knowing fully of his background or perhaps lack of knowledge of who she was marrying as well as Brooke's aunt marrying someone with a history of sexual assaults against minors.

This is where the general public became very annoyed that precious Brooke was subjected to these two men.

I just get totally frustrated with parents, whether they are single parents or not.

The Anthony's frustrate the heck out of me because they are zoned into another world, a world they allow to happen in their own household.

A child isn't born a liar or a pathological liar or even a sociopath. A child learns how to lie from within their own household.

I remember when my son, around the age of 3, took a pack of gum from the grocery store. As I was walking home with him, he opened took out the gum. I stopped in my tracks and asked him where he got it and he told me he took it. I walked back to the store, called the manager, and had my son hand the manager the gum. Sure, it was the extreme over a pack of gum, but gum leads to bigger things if a child learns they can get away with it.

This is what is wrong int the Anthony household, no consequences for when Casey did wrong. Not sure about Lee, but we all know about Casey.