Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla and Casey Anthony

Snipped directly from: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/orange/orl-caylee-anthony-081808,0,7658763.story

My Thoughts!

I watched a variety of news coverage yesterday concerning BH Padilla and "posse" arriving in Florida and his plans to get Casey out of jail to make her talk. I found it interesting with all the media hype surrounding Padilla that he needs Casey's help so all this coverage could end. WTF!!

I can't speak for others, but I feel Casey needs to stay right where she is and let the process just continue on. But based on all reports, it appears Casey will get out on bond unless there is something hidden that is not public information.

One of Padilla's entourage is Rob or Rick, didn't catch his name, and it appears this person will be Casey's bodyguard so Casey doesn't sneak out of the house while the media films her from across the street.

Yesterday Padilla indicated he thought Casey was taking drugs, but he said that all Casey did was "drink and smoke pot!" I wonder how he found that information out! Drinking and smoking pot, according to Padilla wouldn't mess Casey up, where she would just hand over her daughter to anyone.

I don't believe Casey just handed over Caylee to anyone, however, someone who gets drunk and smokes pot really has no control of what they are doing and many people just "black-out"!

The media never asked Padilla how long he plans on staying with Casey. I can't imagine Padilla and staff, staying in Florida until Casey goes to court within the next 6 months give or take!

I thought when an attorney met with his client in jail, they would be segregated to a point where the client could talk freely without being recorded. Casey doesn't "trust LE" and Baez is her attorney so she has to trust him, so why isn't she opening up to her attorney?

I remember when Anna Nicole past on and the mess surrounding Dannilyn, and "who is the father" and who is cashing in, and the speculation, sources and media frenzy around Dannilyn. I thought this was a "three-ring" circus, but I have to admit, Casey Anthony tops it all!

Today should be another interesting day in Orlando!

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