Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OTR with Greta - August 12, 2008

I haven't watched the entire show yet, only caught the list of the calls made on June 16 and 18th and the fact the 17th calls either are still being looking into or ... not sure.

I did post my thoughts on websleuths about the phone calls as I found it odd, June 16th Casey is calling Cindy at work or cell (insert calls) and then on June 18th, Casey is calling her mother at home and cell, shortly after the 12:30 PM hour, same time Geroge was home on June 16th watching his favorite Food Channel show.

Why isn't Cindy at work at this time on June 18th? There was no call to Cindy's work by Casey so I find this so odd. Yes, Cindy could have that day off, but since I don't have Cindy's work schedule ... I am curious.

Why didn't George answer the phone on June 18th as this is the time he watches the Food Channel. By the way George talked about the Food Channel, it appears to be his favorite show, like soap operas are to women (and some men too!).

There was ONLY one phone call to George on June 18th from Casey. STRANGE!!!!

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