Friday, August 1, 2008

OTR Needs To Stop Analyzing The Stolen Gas Cans

I listened to the piece from OTR where the host is saying … “The Anthony’s contacted the police because 2 gas cans were missing from the shed, why didn’t they report Caylee missing at that time?”

At times, journalist annoy the heck out of me to a point I could scream!!!

OTR, listen to me … at the time of the report of the two missing gas cans from the shed, Caylee really wasn’t “missing”.

Casey and Cayle left Casey’s parents home “allegedly” on June 16th. From June 16th to June 22, 2008, the date of the report of the robbery, this is only SIX DAYS!!!

Why would the grandparents also report Caylee missing on June 22nd when they spotted the gas can were stolen? There was no reason for them to report Caylee missing.

We can all go back now and say why this and why that based on what we all know now.

When Cindy wrote in her MySpace on July 3rd, her concerns about Caylee, this is when I would report “why didn’t Cindy call the police on July 3rd?” Clearly after 17 days (June 16 - July 3) there is “real” concern for where Caylee is and why Cindy hasn’t spoken to her grandchild.

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