Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ortiz's Family Attorney Speaks Out

This is not even a post I wanted to post, but everything is out there for the world to see.

Bryan Crews, attorney representing the family of Jesus Ortiz said on Wednesday that as far as they know, Ortiz is not the father of missing toddler Caylee Anthony.

Ortiz, 21, died in a car crash in Orlando in Feb. 2008. He attended Colonial High School with Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony.

In recent weeks, rumors surfaced on the Internet that Ortiz could be the father of Caylee.

The attorney representing Ortiz's parents said the family is close-knit and they claim they've never heard of or met Casey Anthony.

But they're not completely dismissing the possibility that Ortiz could be the father.

"Miss Anthony never told the family Jesus was the father or that he might be the father. In fact, the family has never met her and does not know her," attorney Bryan Crews said. "If the child is indeed their grandchild and alive, that is all they have left of their son, Jesus Ortiz. They would like to get to know the child if she is indeed still alive."

Crews said as far as the family of Ortiz knows, Casey Anthony and their son never dated, and they have no knowledge of their son ever taking a paternity test.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office requested a copy of a report from the Florida Highway Patrol on the crash in which Ortiz died.

My thoughts!

When I learned about the "alleged" father of Caylee was deceased, in the back of my head I wondered if this was just another one of Casey's lies.

I posted on another forum my thoughts of when did Casey start telling people about the fact that Caylee's father died. What did she tell her family and friend's about Caylee's father before this young man died? Caylee, at the time of this young man's death was 21 months old, and soon she will be 3!

I just feel deeply for the Ortiz family finding out this way, through the media, perhaps because of a lie, knowing now they may have a potential granddaughter, who is now missing for nearly 60 days and they never met her, knew nothing about her, and yet
are praying for Caylee's safe return like so many of us who are praying, but with the Ortiz family, they just may be praying for their granddaughter.

If the Ortiz's son is not the father of Caylee, then I strongly suggest every single male that had contact with Casey get their DNA tested so we can give this precious child a father. Every single little girl in this world needs their "daddy".

I pray everyday that Caylee is found safe and sound just waiting to be picked up. Although I want Caylee to come home, but I don't want her to go back to the Anthony's until they resolve all the issues they have within their being. There is clearly something "off balance" in the entire family.

I watched Beach Patrol the other day where a little 3 year-old boy was found wondering around by himself. The brought the child to the lifeguard station, the child gave his name and they announced the child on the speakers throughout Miami Beach. They rode up and down calling for this child's mother. Normally when a mother's child is not in sight, they panic and seek help, but in this case, no mother showed up. After nearly an hour, they decided they were going to bring the child to Children and Family Services. Just as they were heading to a vehicle the mother shows up. No emotion, no panic ... nothing. The lifeguards expressed their concerns over her lack of concern.

That show made me think of Cindy and her lack of feelings.

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