Saturday, August 30, 2008

Protester Confronts Cindy Anthony
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August 30, 2008
Cindy On The Today Show

Fox Report ~4:00 PM
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August 29, 2008
Today Show @ 7:00 AM

Nancy Grace First Show @ 8:00 PM

Fox 35 starting @ 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Greta OTR @ 10:00 PM
(Part 1)
(Part 2)

Nancy Grace Show 2 @ 10:00 PM (minus 15 minutes starting @ 10:15 PM)
(Part 1 minus first 15 minutes)
(Part 2)
(Part 3)August 29, 2008

Nancy Grace First Show @ 8:00 PM

Fox 35 starting @ 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Greta OTR @ 10:00 PM
(Part 1)
(Part 2)

Nancy Grace Show 2 @ 10:00 PM (minus 15 minutes starting @ 10:15 PM)
(Part 1 minus first 15 minutes)
(Part 2)
(Part 3)
(Part 4)

Casey Anthony In Court - August 30, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

Casey Anthony Arrested At 8:30 PM - August 29, 2008


Booking Number: 08042346
Race: White
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 03/19/1986
Last Known Address: 4937 Hopespring Dr, Orlando, Fl 32829
Cell: F-DORML-14
Date Booked: 08/30/2008
Time Booked: 12:03am
undisclosed - 001
Notes: None

Case Sequence: 828
Case Status: Presentenced
#Bond Amount: 1500.00
Police Case Number: n/a
Court Location: CIRCUIT
Arresting Agency: Orange County Sheriff Office
Charge/Court Case Number: Uttering A Forged Check
Note: Icjis Affidavit, Original Charge(s): Uttering A Forged Instrument
Case Sequence: 829
Case Status: Presentenced
#Bond Amount: 1000.00
Police Case Number: n/a
Court Location: CIRCUIT
Arresting Agency: Orange County Sheriff Office
Charge/Court Case Number: Fraud. Use Of Personal Ident. Information
Case Sequence: 830
Case Status: Presentenced
#Bond Amount: 500.00
Police Case Number: n/a
Court Location: CIRCUIT
Arresting Agency: Orange County Sheriff Office
Charge/Court Case Number: Petit Theft Of $100 Or More
Case Sequence: 855
Case Status: Presentenced
#Bond Amount: 500000.00
Police Case Number: n/a
Court Location: CIRCUIT
Arresting Agency: n/a
Charge/Court Case Number: Neglect Of A Child
Case Sequence: 856
Case Status: Presentenced
#Bond Amount: 100.00
Police Case Number: n/a
Court Location: CIRCUIT
Arresting Agency: n/a
Charge/Court Case Number: False Official Statements
Case Sequence: 857
Case Status: Presentenced
#Bond Amount: 100.00
Police Case Number: n/a
Court Location: CIRCUIT
Arresting Agency: n/a
Charge/Court Case Number: False Reports To Law Enforcement Auth.


John McCain Picks A "Lady" As Vice President

Now I am neither a Democrat or Republican, but that of an Independent. Actually not even sure if I am voting this year or not!

However, I have to say: "John, what strategic move you made selecting "Sarah Palin" as your Vice President in the game to the White House." BRAVO!

Obama made a HUGE mistake not taking Hillary as his VP with equal votes to Obama, and Biden 7,000. Although I have been a big fan of Biden because of his blatant directness, however, he doesn't have the ability to control it when needed. Gosh, Biden even got Obama's name wrong, I think twice now, in a couple of days.

My personal thoughts of Obama picking Biden has a lot to do with Michele input. It was very clear, while Hillary was speaking, Michele was not thrilled.

I'm just thrilled about the "strategic" move! :)

Cindy Anthony Hammers in "No Trepassing Signs"

Look under Videos: Searchers Prepare

OCSD News Briefing From Thursday - 8/28/08

Look under Videos

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Casey Anthony Going Back To Jail On Saturday

It's official, directly from Leonard Padilla and Tony Padilla LIVE on the Nancy Grace Show. Casey goes back on Saturday. Finally some truth to a story out there in the media all day long!

Leonard is being kind to Casey and giving Casey an additional day to eet with her attorney. Hopefully, something will happen tomorrow, whereas Casey comes to her senses and finally tells her Attorney what happened.


Texas Equusearch Searching For Caylee

So TES is in Florida and will search for Caylee. I am pleased they are here and willing to do whatever it takes to find Caylee.

However, without Casey telling TES where Caylee was last seen, what are the chances of TES locating Caylee. ZERO!

My hopes are in LE having pings off Casey's cellphone to at least give TES a starting point. Other then that, the first starting point would be back at the Nursing Home, then the Anthony household. And then there is always Sawgrass Apartments based on Casey.

This is going to be a difficult search in any direction based on the facts of this case.

Wishing you the best TES!

Padilla Speaking In General About Bond

Baez Speaks To The Media

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baez Speaks About Evidence Of Decomposition

FOX Report at 10:00 PM

Nancy Grace - August 27, 2008

Dearest Caylee,

Today is Wednesday, August 27, 2008 and you have been missing for 73 days. But there is great news today, because there is some news out there that just perhaps there is a shining light that will direct all of us to you.

YUP, some expert men on this farm have determined that you were in the trunk of your mommy's car. Yes, I can hear you say "well I have been telling you all along I was in there." I know that as well as so many other people Caylee, it's just it takes so long to make sure that you were there.

It make take a little longer to locate you, but I feel we will find you. Your mommy has until tomorrow, Thursday, August 28, 2008 to let the nice police detectives know exactly where you are. (update: extended to September 2, 2008)

These nice men have offered your mommy what is called "limited immunity." I am not sure exactly what they offered, but I have a feeling it maybe "if you tell us where Caylee is then we won't punish you too hard." update: limited immunity has not been confirmed or denies my state attorney's office.

I don't want to really explain it to you in detail Caylee about "we won't punish you too hard", because you don't really need to know all those details.

Gosh Caylee, I have had so many mixed emotions once I heard the news. First I was excited, then I was sad, then I was concerned, and then I became mad. Now I am "hopeful" that you will be found, and found in a safe place, perhaps very close to home.

Casey Anthony's Trunk Shows Decomposition

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Much-anticipated results from the University of Tennessee Body Farm reveal that a body was decomposing in the trunk of Casey Anthony, mother of missing 3-year-old, Caylee, according to a source in law enforcement.

Local6 - Click on Video: Decomposition In Car

Anthony's Deny Results

Monday, August 25, 2008

Casey Anthony Documents Shed New Life On Case

Snipped from:

Arrest Affidavit
Witness List
Caylee' Birth Certificate
MySpace Snips
Casey's Handwritten Statements - Pgs 29 -34
Lee's Statement - Pg. 35
Cindy's MySpace - comment July 3rd, Pg. 36
Cindy's Statement Pgs. 37 - 38
George's Statement - Pgs. 39 -42
Jesse Grund's Statement - Pgs. 43 - 45
Roy House Statement (Sawgrass) Pg. 46
Kristina Marie Chester Statement - Pg 47
Sawgrass Guest Card - Pg. 48
Zenaida Gonzalez Statement - Pg. 49
Casey's Driver License - Pg. 50
Sawgrass Apartment #210 - Pgs. 53 -57
Harry Garcia - (Sawgrass) Statement - Pgs. 58 - 59
Amanda Mackli- (Sawgrass) Statement - Pgs. 60 -61
First 911 Call Transcript (actually 2nd 911 call) Pgs. 62 - 65
Second 911 Call Transcript (actually 3rd 911 call) Pgs. 66 - 71
Casey Anthony Transcriped Taped Interview - Pgs. 71 - 153

Transcribed Taped Inteview
Anthony Lazzarro - Pgs. 1 - 25
Case Info - Pg. 26
Incident Report (Kidnapping) Pg. 27
Incident Report - Dispatch car on July 15, 2008 Pg. 28 - 31
Incident Report for Caylee Marie Anthony - Pg. 32
Incident Report and Narrative for Evidence - Pgs. 33 - 34
Incident Report and Narrative Tattoo Shop - Pgs 37 -38
Danny Colamarino
Maria Kissh
Johnathon Daly
Sean Daly

Incident Report and Narrative Tattoo Shop ( Cast Iron Tattoo) Pgs. 40 -42
Bobby Lee Willimas
Lance Charles White
Matthew Allen Crisp
Dannielle Lucey-Austin

Incident Report and Narrative - Pg. 45
Amanda, Nursing home and Tony's place

Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs. 47 - 48
Tip for Orlando International Airport

Incident Report and Narrative - Pg. 50
K-9 "Gerus"

Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs. 52 - 58
Tony Lazzarro
Jeffrey Hopkins
Melissa Hopkins
Amy Huizenda
Ricardo Morales
Jeffrey Dale Hopkins II
Simon A Birch (Johnson Wrecker East)
Gary Calvin Rideway (Tow Truck Driver)
Catherine Sanchez - Amscott
Nicole Lorraine Lett - works for (Johnson Wrecker East)
George Anthony picking up car and has gas cans - Pgs. 57 -58

Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs 60 - 65
and repeated same information on Pgs. 66 - 72
Amanda Macklin
Dave Turner
Leonard Turtora
Zenaida Gonzalez
Rosanna Bonilla
Anthony Lazzarro
Amy Huizenga
Ricardo Morales
Jesse Grund
Christine Chester
Thomas Frank
Lee Anthony

Incident Report and Narrative - Pg. 75
Chuck-e-Cheese Tip

Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs. 77 -78
Tom's Auto Repair for Tony's Car

Incident Report and Narrative Pg 80
Clarification of date and misstatement

Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs. 82 - 84
Amanada Macklin
Harry Garcia

Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs. 85 - 90
Amanda Mackin and Harry Garcia - Sawgrass
Brian Bunrer - Shovel
Kiomariie Torres - Friend
Search of Anthony Residence after getting shovel
Curtis Lampp - TIP from Bank of America

Incident Report and narrative - Pgs. 91 - 92
Zenaida Rosado
Zenaida Gonzalez
Barbara CareyCarmelo Rosado
Brittany Schieber
Kio Torres

Evidence and Property Reports - Pgs. 93 -100

Search Warrant - Pgs 101 - 107

Court Order and related douments for cell phone records - Pgs 108 -113

Johnson's Wrecker East - Pgs. 114 - 119
All documents related to towing car, pick up, tags, etc.

Universal Screen Prints - Pgs. 120 -127

Lee Anthony Email - Pg. 128
Re: Kodak/Color Vision

Emails verifying Casey's employment
as well as other names given
includes emails Casey sent as employee
and Valencia Community College verification

Transcribed Taped Interview of
Brain Burner (shovel) Pgs. 158 - 171

Transcribed Taped Interviews
Ryan Pasley - Pgs. 1 - 32
Ricardo Morales - Pgs. 33 - 49
Kiomarie Cruz - Pgs. 50 -75
Amy Huizinger - Pgs. 76 - 113

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Frank Garrison - For What It's Worth

Did Casey Anthony Go To Church Today?

Dearest sweet Caylee,

Today your mommy and your grandparents will be heading off to the Baptist Church today to spend some time reflecting on their souls to God.

I don't know if you ever went to this church, my precious one, but I have a feeling you never did.

I wonder if your mommy is going to walk proudly into church showing her face to the congregation or will your mommy hide her face so no one looks at her. Maybe your mommy isn't going to go at all.

Last night, the man that put up the money to get your mommy out of jail, plans on waiting another FIVE DAYS to go and look for you. Do you think you can hang in there another 5 days, after now 70 days being out there somewhere?

Update - Sunday @11:15 AM
Looks like your mommy decided not to go to church and pray for your safe return! :(
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Casey Anthony, the mother of missing 3-year-old Caylee, did not attend church on Sunday morning as planned, even though it was a chance to leave her home.

Geraldo - August 23, 2008

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

So we have Baez claiming he is taking a ACTIVE search looking for Caylee and that LE is not. Now Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla ordering some sort of system to ping Casey's cellphone during June 16 to the 20th right up to when Casey bought the pizza on June 19th.

Then BH Padilla is going to wait 5 MORE days and then go looking for Amy, JP, Ricardo, and ex-boyfriend Tony to seek out Caylee. GET your butt out there NOW!!!

Looks like everyone feels LE is doing nothing at all. I personally feel LE is doing just about everything that is humanily possible to figure out the last known whereabouts of Casey with Caylee.

When you look at LE, they look exhausted with dark circles under their eyes. Hours and hours have been spent on trying to find Caylee with no known positive leads except what Casey told LE, of which, we all know they are lies.

I listen to the first free call Casey made to her parents house and there is something so wrong about that phone call, especially when Christine or Kristan firsts asks Casey "did Tony have anything to do with Caylee?" The tone in Casey voice is different then in the earlier conversation.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dearest Caylee

Dearest Caylee,

I saw your mommy today, in fact, this morning as your grandpa and a friend of your grandpa's drove your mommy to the attorney's office today.

Your mommy was with this attorney to give him all the information about finding you, because your mommy knows where you are.

Your mommy spent a lot of time with this attorney, somewhere around 7 hours and even had to call someone to get permission to stay a little longer with this attorney. And you know what? This person said it was alright for your mommy to stay. In fact, your mommy even had to call again to stay even longer and your mommy got permission to do that again.

I saw your mommy leave the attorney's office late this afternoon. She had on a blue raincoat with a hood and even had her backpack on. Grandpa was wearing the "Where is Caylee" tee shirt, but your mommy didn't have one on. But she did wear a bright-white towel to cover her face so no one could see her.

I didn't get to tell you yesterday, but when mommy got out of jail, she wanted everyone to see her face because your mom said: "she innocent in losing you!"

I would so love to say there are millions of people looking for you, but that is not what is happening. You see Caylee, no one knows where to look for you because your mommy is just not telling anyone.

Sure your mommy told many people you were with this person or that person and last seen this day and in fact, your mommy even made many phone calls on June 16, 17th and 18th, but no one answered the calls, or knew not to answer the calls.

Mommy even came back to your grandparents home one day and even borrowed a shovel so your tender feet didn't get injured by all the bamboo shoots. The only problem was you weren't even there to hurt your little feet.

Caylee, I do want you to know that the little doggies in the house miss you because I saw one of them jump on your bed only a couple of days after mommy lost you somewhere.

Every single night I ask for a dream to remember in hopes it would give me, or anyone a clue where we can just go and get you and bring you home. There are millions and millions of people who are praying that you will be found. I even pray for your mother, to reach in her heart and tell anyone where you are.

I look at the picture of you in your great-grandpa's lap as he held onto you on June 15, 2008. You looked so scared at that moment and your great-grandpa didn't seem very happy at that time either.

Caylee, soon you will be found and brought back. It's going to take a little longer, but this will happen. You need to come back, everyone needs to see you come back, and our hearts fill with tears knowing you coming back may not be the way we all would like it to be.

I shared my private, speechless thoughts nightly to the dear Lord above, because I had the vision of you sitting in God's lap as he held onto you so tightly telling you "you are now safe with me" and the look you had while you sat with your great-grandpa is no longer that of being scared, but now a very happy little girl.

Until tomorrow Caylee ....

Bounty Hunter Padilla on Good Morning America

OTR with Greta - August 21, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today is the day that Casey walks out of jail on a $500,000 bond. Casey has spent only 1 day in jail for every 2 days Caylee has been missing.

All the media will be focused on Casey as she walks out of jail and is protected by the "infamous" BH Padilla and posse to bring Casey right back to her parents house, locked into a monitoring ankle bracelet to room freely within the comforts of the home Casey shared with her daughter Caylee.

I keep seeing the video in my head over and over again when Casey was brought into court in handcuffs right after her arrest. Casey was the "center of attention" at that moment and you can almost feel how much Casey was enjoying that moment. Casey walk was almost "provocative" in a way as she struded into the court room, with her arms cuffed behind her back with security escorting her into the courtroom.

Then I add the on-going tape in my head with the first jailhouse phone call when Casey is saying "everyone is worried about Caylee".

I personally feel once Casey is back at her parents home with all of Caylee's photos, Caylee's bedroom with the lingering scent of a sweet little child on the bedspread, her clothing and toys, this will not affect Casey one bit. I feel Casey has disassociated herself totally from Caylee as if she never existed.

Casey won't feel that emptiness in the house when she walks through the door like so many of us normal people do when we lost a loved one. What will happen is, Casey is now the "center of attention" again with media parked outside her front door, security outside her door and in her house. All this attention will fuel Casey's ego even more.

Casey will be able to catch up on all news coverage as well as watch all the live coverage on FOX, Nancy Grace, and Greta OTR.

I'm so "ticked off" right now!

OTR with Greta - August 20, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Casey Anthony's Bondsman Posting Bond

I never thought this would come to be, and I am so disappointed in the Padilla clan for coming to Florida and bonding Casey out!

As of August 21, 2008, Casey can remain out of jail until she goes to trial in 190 days.

What were you thinking "Padilla" clan!!!!!

OTR with Greta - August 19, 2008

Attorney Baez shared with Greta that Casey got to see a little TV the other day, and Casey says: "they need to put Caylee's picture out there more." The media on all levels have put Caylee's picture out all over the place. Caylee's sweet, innocent, precious face has been shown since July 16th, the day Casey was arrested.

Attorney Baez, as would any attorney in this situation advised his client, Casey Anthony, not to speak, plain and simple. It makes no difference if 50 men all dressed in black with 10 gallon hats walk into Orlando, Casey is not going to tell them what she did with Caylee. It's just not going to happen.

As of Thursday, August 21, 2008, the state has 190 days to get this to trial, based on the current charges, otherwise Casey walks. I have no doubt the state will bring this to trial, and I hope that once the forensic reports come back, more charges are racked on.

Millions of people wake up hoping today is the day Casey will come to her senses and tell LE or her Attorney the truth on what happened to Caylee. I still can't wrap my brain around this whole story of a mother not willing to turn every grain of soil over the day that Caylee went missing.

I have seen so many pictures of Casey and Caylee together and each picture shows a young mother so happy with her daughter as with Caylee so comfortable in her mother's arms.

Caylee's mother and grandparents seemed to have provided just about everything a little girl could possible want with all her toys, stuffed animals, cute bedroom, books, a pool, sandbox, a little dog, plenty of clothes, a playhouse etc., so this is why I am going crazy over Casey's reaction of Caylee being missing and not reporting this even to her parents such a mystery! As well as Cindy's reaction of finding the car and it smelling like their was a dead body in it, and then driving Casey around, then calling 911 to want to arrest her daughter because she stole a car and some money.

I so don't want Casey out of jail today or any day. It's hard enough every day knowing Caylee is out there somewhere, alone, perhaps buried, and Caylee's mother is able to go back to her parents house and basically lead a fairly normal life. Sure Casey would have restrictions, but Casey's restrictions are nothing compared to the possible restriction Caylee has met and that could be death!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OTR with Greta - August 18, 2008

Did Casey Anthony Tell This Cat To "Get Off the Table?"


On June 24, 2008, there was the phone call exchange between Jesse and Casey, of which, I believed happened while Casey was at her parents house. Did Jesse hear Casey tell the cat "to get off the table?" I truly believe this is what Jesse heard.

Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla and Casey Anthony

Snipped directly from:,0,7658763.story

My Thoughts!

I watched a variety of news coverage yesterday concerning BH Padilla and "posse" arriving in Florida and his plans to get Casey out of jail to make her talk. I found it interesting with all the media hype surrounding Padilla that he needs Casey's help so all this coverage could end. WTF!!

I can't speak for others, but I feel Casey needs to stay right where she is and let the process just continue on. But based on all reports, it appears Casey will get out on bond unless there is something hidden that is not public information.

One of Padilla's entourage is Rob or Rick, didn't catch his name, and it appears this person will be Casey's bodyguard so Casey doesn't sneak out of the house while the media films her from across the street.

Yesterday Padilla indicated he thought Casey was taking drugs, but he said that all Casey did was "drink and smoke pot!" I wonder how he found that information out! Drinking and smoking pot, according to Padilla wouldn't mess Casey up, where she would just hand over her daughter to anyone.

I don't believe Casey just handed over Caylee to anyone, however, someone who gets drunk and smokes pot really has no control of what they are doing and many people just "black-out"!

The media never asked Padilla how long he plans on staying with Casey. I can't imagine Padilla and staff, staying in Florida until Casey goes to court within the next 6 months give or take!

I thought when an attorney met with his client in jail, they would be segregated to a point where the client could talk freely without being recorded. Casey doesn't "trust LE" and Baez is her attorney so she has to trust him, so why isn't she opening up to her attorney?

I remember when Anna Nicole past on and the mess surrounding Dannilyn, and "who is the father" and who is cashing in, and the speculation, sources and media frenzy around Dannilyn. I thought this was a "three-ring" circus, but I have to admit, Casey Anthony tops it all!

Today should be another interesting day in Orlando!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hijacking Links And Threads

Everything that is written on a public blog, forum, etc., somehow gets into cyber-space for any one in the world to find. All you have to do is put in a few key words, and the world opens up to you in an instant.

If I personally take something from another forum, I respectfully acknowledge that forum with a direct link back to them. I never take anyone else's links in order to add links to my blog.

Everything that is out there is easily accessible if you just take the time and search it all out.

For instance, the other night Tony Padilla was on Websleuths posting to the great group of members in the wee hours of the morning. I happened to catch the posts the next day and decided to blog about it.

However, before I even blogged, I did a search on Tony Padilla, just for the heck of it. Low and behold, so many forums were talking about Tony Padilla on "Websleuths" and I thought "wow, big news in cyberspace"!

Sometimes there is this "underlying, third person, talk format in forums about people while you sit there and read what they are writing. It's like your name is out there in bold print but it is really invisible. And they try hard to get you into a debate. Inch by inch, just testing the nerve endings to see "is she going to bite?"

Then there are those that are so high and mighty and feel the small things a person asks or questions is too trivial to be answered and seek it yourself. Like WTF!!!

You hear "integrity" and this must mean something, blah, blah, blah. Well if I knew the person, face to face, and knew more than just words, then maybe I wouldn't ask for FACTS!

My little blog is written by me, searched by me and shared with others. I like my neat little package of things that are meaningful to me, and if I see something that followers of my blog like to see, it is here for them to read.

So my fellow followers, always check-in to see what I have to say, because in my little space, there is no debate as I have the last word! :)

FOX Reports of Casey Bond Release - 8/18/08

I recorded from my own TV and I am sharing my personal links to the FOX Reports as well as shared them on one other site, for all those carefully watching me. :)

August 18, 2008
FOX Report ~ 9:15 AM (Padilla In Town)

FOX Report ~10:15 AM (Padilla)

FOX Report at ~10:45 AM

FOX Report at 12:06 PM

FOX Report after 1:00 PM

FOX Report after 2:00 PM Larry Garrison

FOX Report at 3:15 PM with Bounty Hunter

Prime News @ 5:30 PM with BH Padilla

Oops, you can hear me on the video when BH Padilla calls Casey "Stacey".

FOX Report - Shep @ 7:30 pm 8/18/08

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dog, The Bounty Hunter Speaks About Bond

Tony Padilla Blogs On Websleuths

I missed the entire blog last night as "Tony Padilla" decided to log on and defend the lies and misconceptions of what was being said about the intention of bailing Casey out of jail. "It's all about Caylee not Casey!"

Tony came online around 1:39 AM (EDT) when most of the Websleuths' east coasters were sound asleep but there were some dedicated members available to ask questions and be open-minded to the validity of "is this the real Tony Padilla!"

01:39 AM
Tony Padilla

Yes it is. I have been reading all the lies and misconceptions in regards to myself, my uncle, and some of the facts regarding our involvment. I enrolled here to set some of these things straight if need be.

01:52 AM
Tony Padilla

We are involved for one reason and one reason alone and that is to find this poor little girl Caylee. We (really I should say my Uncle) were sought out to get involved in this. We are not doing this for any money, fame or anything other then hoping to get a result as to finding Caylee and hopefully alive. No more no less!!! We have an opportunity to possibly provide an opportunity or an alternate resource of trying to find the whereabouts of Caylee. It's obvious that nothing has progressed in this case since she has been incarcerated. Remember that I am only the bondsman in this case. As far as sorting through the details and moving forward to get the result we so hope for that is Leonard's forte and trust me when I say that he is very good at what he does. But for some people like the username Halijah or something like that (please excuse the spelling if I got it wrong) to quote me as she did on this forum without ever once speaking to me and quoting me like I am some uneducated person is totally uncalled for. Every one of those facts she quoted are totally untrue. I have never spoken with anybody about any of this except for the 2 shows on Fox news.

01:56 AM
Tony Padilla

I have not seen the pictures. No this is not a publicity stunt. Again we (again I should say Leonard) were asked to get involved in this. We have been promised nothing and expect nothing. Not very many people have the ability to get Casey out of jail and try to get the most important details of this case direct from the mouth of the mother. Leonard has these abilities and trust me when I say he is a good person to possibly get this information out of her.

01:59 AM
Tony Padilla

I will try my best to answer any questions that any of you may have. Yes it really is me and we are coming to Orlando. We are arriving at different times this weekend. Nothing can really be done until Monday anyhow.

02:01 AM
Tony Padilla

I really am unsure of how to verify to you that this is really me. I just became irritated over some of the garbage that has been circulating not only here but on other sites as well. If you have an idea as to how I can prove to you that this is me then let me know.

02:07 AM
Tony Padilla

As to who contacted Leonard I cannot say. I do know that Leonard has had contact with the defense attorney Mr. Baez. Our original plans were to come out undisclosed. I was putting all the paperwork together for the bond and Leonard was putting everything in motion to get the bond posted. Then on Friday at some point in time it was leaked to the media our intentions. I was very adamant to Leonard that I did not want to be involved with all the media hype. Just to do what we had planned and go from there. I really wish the media had not picked it up. Leonard does love the cameras but he assured me that we would try to pursue this from behind the scenes which is the way I prefer. Notice that I have not been on TV whatsoever and I will try to keep it that way.

My thoughts!

Just found it strange that "Tony Padilla" who is posting a "half of a million dollars" ($500,000.00) in bond needs to defend his actions of why he is doing this!

What did Tony do, sit down at his computer on Saturday night after the word got out on Friday about Tony Padilla and his Uncle Leornard were coming to Florida to post bond etc. and check out what people were saying about the whole situation and he finds "Websleuths?"

Let's see if Tony gives a plug about his conversation on "Websleuths" Saturday night as Tony did say:

02:01 AM
Tony Padilla

I really am unsure of how to verify to you that this is really me. I just became irritated over some of the garbage that has been circulating not only here but on other sites as well. If you have an idea as to how I can prove to you that this is me then let me know.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

OTR with Greta - August 15, 2008

Larry Garrison, Spokesperson For The Anthony Family - A Clone Of The Anthony's!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bondsman Explains Plan To Bail Out Casey - Raw Interview

Leonard Padilla and his nephew, Tony Padilla, said they will arrive in Orlando on Sunday and post a $500,000 bond for Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee, who has been missing since mid-June.

Leonard Padilla has been talking to Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, about bailing his client out of jail.

Leonard Padilla and his nephew, Tony Padilla, a bail agent, is traveling to Texas and has made arrangements with a company to secure the entire $500,000 bond.

Leonard Padilla said he is bailing Casey Anthony out to find out the truth about Caylee.

"We eat in the same room, sleep in the same room. After a while, these people feel better than sitting in a cell looking at the walls, and they will discuss things that they won't discuss with parents or anybody else," Leonard Padilla said.

Leonard Padilla said he and Casey could stay at her parents' house, but he said he hasn't talked to George or Cindy Anthony. Leonard Padilla also said a home at an undisclosed location in Oralndo could be an option.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

OTR with Greta - August 14, 2008

Greta was drilling Clint House last night that I wished Greta did this with the Anthony's last week.

I have to watch the show again because Greta seemed to be saying Father's Day was June 16th in some spots, and in some questions said June 15th. This time I just might need the transcript from her show.

If I heard Clint House correctly, he said that on June 15th, the night of Father's Day, Casey slept over Tony's house and Casey said that Caylee was with her grandparents.

If Casey slept over Tony's house, that means that either George or Cindy checked on Caylee in the morning of June 16th, to either get her up and dressed or at least get her breakfast something in the morning of June 16th.

It appears that Tony and Clint leave the house around the same time for class, which is ~9:00 AM, so Casey leaves about that time too.

I'll put Casey back at her parents house at 9:30 AM. So what happened at the Anthony household between 9:30 AM on June 16th until George "claims" he last saw Casey and Caylee at 12:50 PM. This story has never sat very well with me.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OCSD Closed Press Conference - August 13, 2008

I hope there is more then just this.

John Edwards Is Pathetic!

John, you are married and you have the capability to say NO, even IF you were pursued by other women. I am sure women find you attractive, etc., etc., but the fact is, you say NO!

Why didn't you call Elizabeth the evening you "sneaked" in the hotel and spent 5 hours with Ms Hunter and the baby? Instead, you spents those hours in a hotel room and then called your wife! WTF!

Your career is over ....

OTR with Greta - August 12, 2008

I haven't watched the entire show yet, only caught the list of the calls made on June 16 and 18th and the fact the 17th calls either are still being looking into or ... not sure.

I did post my thoughts on websleuths about the phone calls as I found it odd, June 16th Casey is calling Cindy at work or cell (insert calls) and then on June 18th, Casey is calling her mother at home and cell, shortly after the 12:30 PM hour, same time Geroge was home on June 16th watching his favorite Food Channel show.

Why isn't Cindy at work at this time on June 18th? There was no call to Cindy's work by Casey so I find this so odd. Yes, Cindy could have that day off, but since I don't have Cindy's work schedule ... I am curious.

Why didn't George answer the phone on June 18th as this is the time he watches the Food Channel. By the way George talked about the Food Channel, it appears to be his favorite show, like soap operas are to women (and some men too!).

There was ONLY one phone call to George on June 18th from Casey. STRANGE!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

George Anthony's Says Caylee's Kidnappers Are Being Watched

It's been 58 days since now 3-year-old Caylee Anthony was last seen. Read the article and hold on.

Not Sure What To Post Today

I could post all the videos that came out yesterday with Cindy and George riding around with the bulletin board, and their trip to LE concerning LE's misstatement about phone calls, etc., or Casey's refusal to see her family, and what media is reporting, etc. but for now, I am not posting them. Right now, the Fifth District Court denied the re-appeal for reduction of Casey's bond. At this point, Baez may have a shot to file an appeal with the Supreme Court. But, I personally don't care about this part of the case anymore. OK ... couldn't resist ... post OTR

What sparked my interest though, was Mark Furhman's report about speaking with the Anthony's neighbor who said: "On Father's Day weekend he heard the Anthony's having a fight". This is really important in my book and I hope more information comes forward from other neighbors in the areas. Although the Anthony's deny fighting, but I take their statement with caution. Mark also stated that Casey's phone bill was $724.00 to AT&T which leads me to believe that at some point, perhaps on July 15th, AT&T shut off her phone. My reasons are based on "Casey saying to the 911 operator: "I received a phone call around Noon and spoke to Caylee for a minute. When I tried to call back the phone was no longer in service." In every lie, there is a part of the truth. So I think Casey's phone was disconnected at some point on July 15th and Casey could honestly say: "When I try to call back the phone was no longer in service. We all know you can't call back an unknown number or a private number so this is a LIE!!! There is a lot of hipe about the physics in Florida searching and who asked them to come etc. Followers of the physics in the local area of Orlando, asked for them to come to Orlando. The physics received numerous requests from locals, NOT the Anthony's and NOT LE.

There was lots of discussions about the psychics wanting money to do this search and the fact is, they were looking for donations to cover the cost of their trip to Florida for gas, housing and food, not to be paid for "the search". Not everyone has money to put out for a 3,000 mile round trip and pay the high price for gas, then eating and sleeping. So I find the request to help defray the cost justifiable.

There are many reports about how reliable this psychics are etc., is really not important to me. The fact that these people, along with their dogs, are willing to drive around, get out of their cars in the Florida heat and walked through the woods and other areas is important.

No one in their right mind is going to subject themselves to the Florida heat all day long for nothing. The dogs are the ones that suffer the most in this heat, especailly when these dogs are not use to the Florida heat and humidity.

George and Cindy rode around in their air-conditioned vehicle toteing around a "billboard". The hell with the billboard, get out and walk the terrains, anywhere, somewhere, heck even join the physics. Anything is better then driving the billboard to the Orange County Sheriff's Department and sit inside debating a phone call.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sickening Feeling In My Gut

Not sure why, but I have this awful feeling in my gut. Sure hope it's just my lunch!

Casey Anthony, Pizza and June 24, 2008

August 11, 2008 ~10:15 AM

Mark Furhman was just on the phone with FOX News talking about the phone calls. Mark said that they even saw when Casey ordered the pizza and this was way after she borrowed the shovel.

Now Mark's "theory" of the shovel is June 18th, but we still don't know the exact date.

I wish Mark would have given the date the pizza was ordered. Something leads to me think this pizza was ordered on June 24th and delivered to her father's house, the day Casey was there etc., etc. June 24th is a very "key" day!

June 24, 2008

- George calls police to report shed broken into and gas cans stolen
- Casey shows up at her parents house
- George finds gas cans in trunk
- Casey and Jesse speak on the phone

Psychic's Team In Florida Searching For Caylee

Gale, the SOS search team and 2 search dogs will be leaving for tomorrow morning for Orlando Florida tomorrow to aid in the search for missing toddler Caylee Anthony. It's a drive of almost 1,000 miles each way and they still need approximately $700 in donations to pay for travel expenses. Regardless of whatever we reach the $1,500 goal, the team will be on the way tomorrow morning. If you would like to help in the search, or make a donation, please visit Gales website at Additional case information and search status can be found in our SOS case files here. If I'm able, I will be joining Gale and the team in Florida on Sunday...hopefully together we can help bring this case to a close, and expose the truth as to what really happened to Caylee.

The team arrived in Florida on August 10, 2008


Added at: 12:14 AM
Per Gail ...
CBS WKMG in Orlando Florida- they just aired us and made us look like idiots. They said two women (me and colleen) after all the team information they gave. At the end they said "gale stjohn has not been in contact with the family and DOESN"T PLAN ON IT". Which never was said. I said WE will not go after them and bother them and invade their privacy. Can you post something about what we said. I have a feeling we are going to get shit for this crap. They completely went the opposite of what we said.

Casey Anthony Case Summary as of 8/11/08

Case Summary
Case Number: 08-CF-0010925-O Filing Date: 7/16/2008
Case Type: FELONY
Status Date: 8/21/2008
Current Judge: STRICKLAND, S A

Party Details Charge Details Case Calendar Case Actions Financial Details Sentencing

Subject ID Full Name Party Type Status Summons/ Arrest Date Inmate # Agency Case #

Count # Defendant Offense Date Summons/ Arrest Date
001 CASEY MARIE ANTHONY 07/09/2008 07/16/2008 Detail
002 CASEY MARIE ANTHONY 07/09/2008 07/16/2008 Detail
503 CASEY MARIE ANTHONY 07/09/2008 07/16/2008 Detail

Name: CASEY MARIE ANTHONY Count #: 001
Date Imposed: Effective Date:
Defendant: CASEY MARIE ANTHONY Count #: 001
Offense Date: 7/9/2008 Citation #:
Complaint Date: 7/16/2008 Information Date: 8/5/2008
Statute: 827.03(3)(C) - CR-NEGLECT OF A CHILD
General Offense Category:
Charge Level: FELONY Charge Degree: THIRD DEGREE

Phase: Prosecutorial
Defendant: CASEY MARIE ANTHONY Count #: 001
Offense Date: 7/9/2008 Citation #:
Complaint Date: 7/16/2008 Information Date: 8/5/2008
Statute: 827.03(3)(C) - CR-NEGLECT OF A CHILD
General Offense Category:
Charge Level: FELONY Charge Degree: THIRD DEGREE

Name: CASEY MARIE ANTHONY Count #: 002
Date Imposed: Effective Date:
Defendant: CASEY MARIE ANTHONY Count #: 002
Offense Date: 7/9/2008 Citation #:
Complaint Date: 7/16/2008 Information Date: 8/5/2008
General Offense Category:
Charge Level: MISDEMEANOR Charge Degree: SECOND DEGREE

Phase: Prosecutorial
Defendant: CASEY MARIE ANTHONY Count #: 002
Offense Date: 7/9/2008 Citation #:
Complaint Date: 7/16/2008 Information Date: 8/5/2008
General Offense Category:
Charge Level: MISDEMEANOR Charge Degree: FIRST DEGREE

Name: CASEY MARIE ANTHONY Count #: 503
Date Imposed: Effective Date:
Defendant: CASEY MARIE ANTHONY Count #: 503
Offense Date: 7/9/2008 Citation #:
Complaint Date: 7/16/2008 Information Date:
General Offense Category:
Charge Level: MISDEMEANOR Charge Degree: FIRST DEGREE

Phase: Prosecutorial
Defendant: CASEY MARIE ANTHONY Count #: 503
Offense Date: 7/9/2008 Citation #:
Complaint Date: 7/16/2008 Information Date:
General Offense Category:
Charge Level: MISDEMEANOR Charge Degree: FIRST DEGREE
Result: NO ACTION TAKEN Result Date: 8/5/2008

Event Date Event Time Description Location

Docket Date Defendant Docket Entry
7/16/2008 A COMPLAINT FILED DOA 07/16/08 BOND CT1: NONE CT2: NONE CT3: NONE #08034750
7/17/2008 A BOND STAYED @ NONE
7/17/2008 A DERP FEE OF $50 IMPOSED CR15 50.00
7/22/2008 A BOND SET AT CT1)$500,000 CT2)$100 CT3)$100 + GPS & HCR
7/29/2008 A NOTICE OF HEARING FILED <07/29/2008> 01:30 P.M.
7/29/2008 A WITNESS (DEFENSE) (1)
8/5/2008 A WRITTEN PLEA OF NOT GUILTY ARG DATE <08/21/2008> 08:45 A.M.

View All Case Financial Details
Subject Defendant Assessment Payment
A CASEY MARIE ANTHONY $70.00 $20.00 Defendant Details

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Issac Hayes Dies at 65

Hayes, the pioneering singer, songwriter and musician whose relentless "Theme From Shaft" won Academy and Grammy awards, has been found dead at home. He was 65. The Shelby County Sheriff's Office says a family member found Hayes unresponsive near a treadmill on Sunday Aug. 10, 2008.

Isaac Hayes, the pioneering singer, songwriter and musician whose relentless "Theme From Shaft" won Academy and Grammy awards, has been found dead at home. He was 65.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office says a family member found Hayes unresponsive near a treadmill on Sunday. He was pronounced dead about an hour later at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis. The cause of death was not immediately known.

My thoughts!

I have always enjoyed Issac Hayes in just everything he did throughout his career and it saddens me today to see another great singer, songwriter and musician join his soul brothers in heaven. Rest in peace and you will be missed by so many!

Casey Cancels Another Jailhouse Visit - August 10, 2008

Casey Anthony has declined a scheduled jailhouse visit with her parents tonight.

A jail official confirmed that Casey said early Sunday that she would not be accepting guests today. Her parents George and Cindy Anthony had been scheduled to visit her at 9 p.m. this evening.

“Today's declined visitation counts as one of those three visitation opportunities,” according to Allen Moore, Public Information Officer for the Orange County Corrections Department. “Orange County Corrections does not inquire as to why an inmate decides to decline a visitation. Cynthia and George Anthony were notified by phone that their daughter had declined today's scheduled visit.”

On Friday morning, Casey turned away her brother Lee when he arrived at the jail. Just a few days earlier, Cindy Anthony nixed a scheduled visit with Casey citing a lack of privacy during the videotaped conferences.

Pending Casey’s approval, Lee Anthony is now set to visit Casey on Tuesday, while her parents have another planned visit Thursday.

Each inmate is allowed up to three video visitations per week, starting on Sundays.

Casey's Jailhouse Phone Call - August 2, 2008

Did George and Cindy Hire An Attorney To Represent Them?

Well not sure they hired one, but Cindy says: I don't have an attorney; Jose Baez is my attorney" during an "Raw Interview on July 30, 2008". It's about 4 minutes into the interview.

Casey Anthony's Time-line Is Shrinking - UPDATE

Each day there is another twist, and today is no different with the discovery of a possible date on a guest card that may have been looked at incorrectly.

I will write more tomorrow, but now my time-line is shrinking. I am thinking more in the area of June 16th to June 17th time-frame. I might extend it to June 18th, but I will leave it right at June 17th for now. Although I still question June 15th.

August 6, 2008

I finally watched OTR from Tuesday's show 8/5/08. I didn't want to because I just didn't want to hear more lies.

I still keep going back to June 15th with Cindy taking Caylee to the nursing home because Cindy was the last known person to see Caylee. During the OTR interview, it just seemed no details came out about the evening of the 15th of June. I am looking for "when Caylee and I (Cindy) came back to the house after visiting with great-grandpa, we had some dinner, I gave Caylee a bath and so on.

Like what happened when Cindy and Caylee came back to the house? Was George home, was Casey there, did Casey come home later? WHAT!!!

All I heard was Cindy saying I heard "them" in the bedroom and didn't see them the morning of June 16th, but George has it down to the minute 12:50 PM as he was watching the Food Channel his favorite show.

From let's say 6:00 PM on June 15th until 12:50 PM on June 16th, you mean to tell me a 2 1/2 year old was in a room for all those hours? No breakfast, no lunch, no play-time, no bath. This makes no sense to me at all.

Something is really wrong with this picture. Doting grandparents love to be with their grandchildren, fixing them breakfast, reading books, etc. They would even want the child to get up and start doing things.

Just got finish briefly watching OTR show 8/6/08 with Mark Furhman

6/15/2008 - Cindy and Caylee take a swim in the pool, come out, take the ladder away.
My question: Where was Casey and George when Cindy and Caylee went in the pool?

6/16/2008 - Casey and Caylee in the house. Cindy already at work.
My question: What time does Cindy start work?

6/16/08 - George sees Casey and Caylee at 12:50 PM with backpacks on their way out the door.
My question: Did George see Caylee have lunch, breakfast, use potty, bath, playing etc.? A child may get up at 7:00 AM to almost 1:00 PM that 6 hours of unaccountable time in that household. Is there a bathroom in Casey's room?

6/16/08 - George leaves for work at 2:30 PM

6/16/08 - starting at 3:00 PM and ending at 4:00 PM there are numerous phone calls from Casey to her father, mother and friends. Quick phone calls although cellphone records would show a minute because you are charged a minute even if the call is 2 seconds.
My question: How far is it from the Anthony household to George's employment? Why didn't George have his cellphone on? Could it be because of "pings" re" his whereabouts?

Thinking out loud: All these phone calls are within 2 hours after Casey left her parents house with Caylee. I find it very odd, that Cindy and George didn't answer Casey's calls within that hour. I know they both maybe at work, but most folks working leave their cell phones on "perhaps" on vibrator mode" so they know when they get a phone call. George is suppose to be en-route to his job and Casey starts calling Cindy/George etc. at 3:00 PM.

Added 8/7/08 - Could Casey have drowned Caylee in the pool?

6/16/08 - starting at 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM Casey starts calling Cindy, George and others and no connection. Just minutes phone calls which could be just a few second phone calls.

6/16/08 - No more phone calls were made after 7:30 PM.

6/17/08 - Anthony's "allegedly" notice that the ladder was back in the pool and the gate to the pool was open.

My question: Exactly what time did the Anthony's find the pool gate open? Who found the ladder in the pool, George of Cindy?

6/17/08 - It has now been verified that the person that went to look at apartment #210, has been located and verified they did not know anyone by the name of Casey or ever met Caylee The theory that Casey may have filled out the guest card when out the window.
My question: Does Casey know someone within the office of the Sawgrass Apartments.

6/17/08 - I believe Mark reported on numerous phone calls back to back on the 17th of June also.

My thoughts: It seems odd that on the 16th and 17th no phone calls were answered.
My question: Were any phone calls ever returned to Casey?

6/18/08 - Mark Furhman feels the shovel was borrowed from the neighbor as well as the same day the neighbor sees Casey's car backed into the driveway.
My thoughts: Neighbor needs to try an pin point a time Casey borrowed the shovel. Was it after 2:30 PM when George apparently goes to work?

Based on the above time-frame, I feel June 16th is the last day Caylee took a breath of air ~2:00 - 2:30 PM

I feel that Casey borrowed the shovel on June 17, 2008 after Casey back into the driveway and went across the street to get the shovel, Casey brought Caylee out of the trunk and Casey went through the garage to the backyard.

I feel Casey had Caylee in the trunk of the car and after Casey backed the garage to the garage, Casey took Caylee out the trunk and put Caylee on the ground near the pool and then Casey put the ladder in the pool.

When Casey realized the pool idea wasn't a good one, she went to another area, possibly near the playhouse and put Caylee down and was going to attempt to dig a hole under the playhouse knowing fully a concrete slab or pillars were going to be placed there on July 4th.

I also feel that the shed was broken into on June 17th. George tells Greta he believes the last time he was in the shed was Sunday which would be June 22nd, but I think he was last in the shed on June 15th, Father's Day, while Cindy and Caylee were at the nursing home.

6/24/08 - Casey shows up at her parents house and George hears the garage doors open and he meets Casey in the garage. Actually not sure this is FACT, but as I recall with OTR interview, George says Casey came into the house. "Casey said she came home to get more clothes and she was going back to work".

George asks "where is Caylee" and Casey said: "with the nanny".

Four hours before Casey shows up at her parents house around 2:00 PM, George called the police to report that 2 gas cans were stolen from his shed and the lock was broken to get into the shed. The police officer arrived at the Anthony's home around 10:00 AM on June 24th to take the report, look at the shed and dust for fingerprints.

Note: there were no fingerprints on the lock or shed based on the officers report. Now how in the world could that happen? Hummm, someone perhaps wiped off all the fingerprints!

During this time that Casey was with George, there was discussion about this "wedge" to support the car as George wanted to rotate Cindy's tires that weekend.

Note: The temperature in Florida on June 24th was 89 degrees and stayed that way right into the weekend and beyond. No one in their right mind would rotate tires in the heat especially when the sun beats on their house all day. I will accept the possibility that George may have done this in the garage, but not sure. You can go to Wal-Mart for a few bucks and rotate tires and shop at the same time.

Eventually after some go around, George decides to open the trunk of the car and spots the gas cans. No where did I hear George say: "Casey, I just reported the gas cans stolen 4 hours ago to the police!"

During the OTR interview when George is speaking about the gas cans, he says Casey said: (I need to get the exact quote) something about a break-in to the shed. At that point Cindy chimes in during the OTR interview and says "I called Casey and told her about the gas cans being stolen."

My thoughts: So on the same day, June 24th, when George finds the shed is broken into and calls the police, then calls Cindy, Cindy then calls Casey to tell her about the gas cans and then Casey shows up at the house four hours later with the gas cans in the trunk .... hummmmmmmmmm

But George looks surprised during the OTR interview when Cindy makes the statement: "I called Casey and told her."

Eventually George wins and he opens the trunk and there are the gas cans. George doesn't notify police that his daughter had the gas cans and let's just drop the robbery report because it was "all in the family".

Nope, he lets the robbery report stay active, until it shows up through OCSD and then the media hits on it. It had to be two weeks before George comes out and says" I know who did it and that's the extent of it".
My question: Why didn't George just say, my daughter Casey took the gas cans.?

Also on this busy June 24th day, this is when a phone calls exchange happens between Jesse and Casey. Casey want s to know if Jesse wants to hang out as Caylee is with the nanny at the beach for the weekend.
Note: Not sure why Casey said "at the beach for the weekend when June 24th is a Tuesday!"

Jesse hears Casey say: "get off the table" and believed he heard Caylee's voice. Jesse recanted because he wasn't sure if he actually heard Caylee's voice.

After earlier thinking the Anthony's have pets, and wondering if Jesse heard a sound from a pet, after watching OTR and the part where Greta and Cindy are in the kitchen or dining room, there sitting right out for everyone to see "a cat laying of the table". I am convinced that Jesse did hear something when Casey said "get off the table" and that was the sound of the cat in the background.

Something more happened on June 24th and I feel it was the start of the car being left in the Amscot parking lot on June 27th knowing fully if left in the Amscot parking lot it would be towed away. Of which, it was towed on June 30th and sat at the tow yard for two weeks until a reigstered letter arrived on July 15th. I feel the registered letter may have been attempted to be delivered on July 14th, but no one was home at the time of regular mail delivery.

Between June 24th and June 27th, Caylee was in the trunk of that car. Perhaps Casey, after her father left for work, removed Caylee from the property and placed her in the trunk, OR perhaps when George opened the trunk there was Caylee.

The transportation or the placing of Caylee in the trunk was done on June 24th at some point.

We all know how easy it was for Drew Peterson, retired police officer to dispose of Stacy, based on his training in LE. George is former police officer who I believe worked in the homicide department in Ohio.

I still hear Casey's words "She is close to home".

I so want LE to break through that concrete and take a better look.

Last updated entry at 9:50 pm - 8/10/08