Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today is the day that Casey walks out of jail on a $500,000 bond. Casey has spent only 1 day in jail for every 2 days Caylee has been missing.

All the media will be focused on Casey as she walks out of jail and is protected by the "infamous" BH Padilla and posse to bring Casey right back to her parents house, locked into a monitoring ankle bracelet to room freely within the comforts of the home Casey shared with her daughter Caylee.

I keep seeing the video in my head over and over again when Casey was brought into court in handcuffs right after her arrest. Casey was the "center of attention" at that moment and you can almost feel how much Casey was enjoying that moment. Casey walk was almost "provocative" in a way as she struded into the court room, with her arms cuffed behind her back with security escorting her into the courtroom.

Then I add the on-going tape in my head with the first jailhouse phone call when Casey is saying "everyone is worried about Caylee".

I personally feel once Casey is back at her parents home with all of Caylee's photos, Caylee's bedroom with the lingering scent of a sweet little child on the bedspread, her clothing and toys, this will not affect Casey one bit. I feel Casey has disassociated herself totally from Caylee as if she never existed.

Casey won't feel that emptiness in the house when she walks through the door like so many of us normal people do when we lost a loved one. What will happen is, Casey is now the "center of attention" again with media parked outside her front door, security outside her door and in her house. All this attention will fuel Casey's ego even more.

Casey will be able to catch up on all news coverage as well as watch all the live coverage on FOX, Nancy Grace, and Greta OTR.

I'm so "ticked off" right now!

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