Friday, August 15, 2008

Bondsman Explains Plan To Bail Out Casey - Raw Interview

Leonard Padilla and his nephew, Tony Padilla, said they will arrive in Orlando on Sunday and post a $500,000 bond for Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee, who has been missing since mid-June.

Leonard Padilla has been talking to Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, about bailing his client out of jail.

Leonard Padilla and his nephew, Tony Padilla, a bail agent, is traveling to Texas and has made arrangements with a company to secure the entire $500,000 bond.

Leonard Padilla said he is bailing Casey Anthony out to find out the truth about Caylee.

"We eat in the same room, sleep in the same room. After a while, these people feel better than sitting in a cell looking at the walls, and they will discuss things that they won't discuss with parents or anybody else," Leonard Padilla said.

Leonard Padilla said he and Casey could stay at her parents' house, but he said he hasn't talked to George or Cindy Anthony. Leonard Padilla also said a home at an undisclosed location in Oralndo could be an option.

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