Saturday, August 2, 2008

Where Is Caylee?

Every day I wake up with Caylee on my mind as well as so many other people across the world. Sometimes I think today is the day Caylee will be found. Or perhaps, Casey will be forthright and tell Law Enforcement everything about what happened to Caylee, good, bad or indifferent.

At this point, I don't really care what kind of lifestyle Casey may have been involved in. I don't care if Casey just wanted to be "free from responsibility". I don't care if Casey was involved with drugs or a gang. All I want is for Casey to care about Caylee and give up the information so Caylee can be found.

When I listen to the stories about "well Casey doesn't want LE to know exactly where Caylee is in fear this "person(s)" will hurt Caylee, well at this point, let LE know so they can get into where Caylee is "allegedly" at and let them deal with the situation.

I was 20 when I brought by son into the world 40 years ago. My son's father was never involved in my son's life. I got my own apartment, worked two jobs to keep a roof over our head. I put my child in day care so he was safe while I worked. When I went to my "part-time" job I had a reliable babysitter and would call her during my work-hours to see how everything was going.

Sure, at 20, I was still young and wanted to enjoy life, especially in the late 60's early 70's, but I knew I had a responsibility to my son. If I ever wanted to go out, I always had second thoughts because if I spent money on me, I was taking it away from my son. My son was my first priority in life!

I even have issues with myself if I board my dog. I want to know exactly what the place is like, check out if there were any complaints against the establishment and so on and so on.

I don't ever give up so easily the precious things in my life, especially a child to some stranger without knowing everything about them.

There are a lot of scenarios on what happened to Caylee from the last day she was seen by family and I have thought of many myself. But right now, whatever the actual facts are, let's get them out on the table so Caylee can come home.

So many of us fear Caylee is no longer with us, and it is heartbreaking to even write this in my blog. I just want her to come back to the family so this precious child will be at peace and just not out there in this gigantic world all alone!

The only thing that gives me some peace is that I feel Caylee is being held in the arms of the dear Lord as he soothes this precious angel from all Caylee had to endure with being shuffled in her little life from place to place.

Regarding Casey, well I foresee a trial, pretty much like the Scott Peterson trial as Casey just sitting there "stone-faced", emotionaless, cold-hearted, and unattached to her surroundings of the real world.

I feel George Anthony will eventually doen the road leave Cindy again. Right now he is there for his family but not for long once this mystery is resolved or after the trial is over.

I feel for Casey's brother Lee as I see him doing what I use to do for my own brother. My brother lied a lot and I tried to help until I realized all the lies. I think Lee is at that point and it's hard for a sibling to give up on another sibling, but Lee, you hit a wall of lies with Casey and you really need to stop. Following through on what you are being fed is just enabling Casey to continue with her lies.

We all heard the lies especially when Casey said on the 911 call when she said she received a call and then called back and the phone was no longer in service. But then in a jailhouse phone call, Casey said she spoke to Caylee and the call came through a private number. You can't call back a private number and you certainly can't call back a number within a moments time and hear that the phone was no longer in service. It just doesn't happen that way.

If this was me, and I heard that statement about the private message, this is when I would have thrown my hands up in the air and said "I'm done with this crap!"

What bothered me is when Lee asked about Caylee and Casey went through this, well the physc ask me last night and Mom asked me at the visit and the court ordered phys asked me this morning .... blah, blah , blah ... all the way until Casey then decided to say "I feel she (not using Caylee's name) is alive and I feel in my gut she (not using Caylee's name" is close to home. WTF!

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