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Zenaida Gonzalez Speaks Out - September 29, 2008

It's a shame what has happened to Zenaida and her family all because of Casey Anthony. It is still a mystery how Casey got Zenaida's name, knew Zenaida went to Sawgrass and went to that apartment. WHO gave Casey that information? I wrote way back in August, once LE found Zenaida and she had nothing to do with Caylee's disappearance that someone, whether it be within the Sawgrass apartments, or within the development had access to this information. It is not a coincidence; it was a well sought out plan that took nearly 30 days AFTER Caylee went missing to gather and put into force, make into a script, so-to-speak, because everything out of Casey's mouth has been rehearsed over and over again. People who tell LIES can't remember their LIES, but people that study their plan will remember the words.

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Where Is Caylee Marie Anthony?

PLEASE listen to the song playing in this video. It comes from someone that Caylee touched the heart and soul of this individual.

Dennis Jernigan is singing the song, but not the one that heart Caylee touched!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

George Anthony Truck - Evidence Removed at 2:45 AM

September 6, 2008
Investigators remove evidence from George Anthony's car,4836790.story

2:45 a.m. Investigators traveled to the Anthony home and removed evidence from a vehicle owned by Anthony's father, George Anthony. Deputies were seen removing the contents of the spare-wheel well and taking at least one item as evidence.

What was removed from George's truck was a "GUN" and taken into possession by law enforcement. According to reports someone called in a TIP.

My thoughts are that George, an ex police officer knows that a gun in the household or on the property of a person out on bond etc., could cause the bond to be revoked. This gun was somewhere, perhaps in George's trunk while Casey was out on bond the first time. George should have reported the gun to LE and handed it over to LE the first time.

ABC 20/20 - Casey Anthony

September 5, 2008

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Caylee Marie Anthony - A Very Precious Little Girl

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Dearest Caylee, Your Mommy Is Out Of Jail Again

Dearest Caylee,

I am so sorry that you have to see, from above, all the frenzy of what is happening all around your Mommy today.

I watched your Mommy come out of jail, and even recorded it. Not even sure why I did record it because my heart just sank deep into the ocean floor when I saw a piece of a video of you and some newly release pictures.

What made it so difficult for me Caylee, is knowing your grandparents sold your soul to the media to get money. This is what made me so sick to my stomach, I just needed to come here for you, just for you.

Slide-show of you, sweet Caylee and your Mommy.

Did you see all the people and media on the street where you lived and played? There are so many people there, some even with signs for your Mommy to tell someone where you are. All these people Caylee, are there for YOU, all of them want to know where you are so you can be brought back home.

Actually, you will never be brought back home, or back into the nice house you had your bed, toys and the little dogs and cats, who always watched over you. But you will be brought back, for sure, and the world will be so happy that you have been found.

There are so many people who are looking for you, all under the wings of "Tim Miller", who also lost a child 24 years ago. Mr. Miller is not going to give up on you sweet Caylee, Mr. Miller is more determined now then ever to find you.

I didn't realize until today, how your Mommy got out of jail based on the "anonymous" donors, but now we all know it is your grandparents. I have to admit Caylee, I am quite mad, because this $50,000.00 would have benefited Mr. Miller more to search for you, and find you somewhere below, rather then your Mommy spending time comfy in her parent home, spending time on the computer and seeing Mr. Baez, but never, ever asking for permission to go and search for YOU. I am so sorry Caylee, that you don't see your mother, or grandparents out looking for you.

I just read that your grandparents received a million dollars for your pictures, video and some time with your grandparents, and another media company offered your grandparents a million dollars so they can write a book.

Here is the story being reported: As an FYI, a source close to the investigation has told me that ABC News 20/20 has offered the Anthony family one million dollars for an exclusive interview. The same source claims that AIM Productions from Nashville has also offered the family one million for book and movie rights.

Remember Mr. Padilla, who came all the way from California to help find you? Yes, I know he bailed your Mommy out of jail the first time, but Mr. Padilla felt certain your Mommy would tell him where to find you. You know that didn't happen because you would be home now, but Mr. Padilla mentioned last night (Thursday) that a book deal was in the making and perhaps a movie and he was so right, so darn right!

Mr. Padilla really cares about you Caylee, and has offered $50,000.00 cash to the person who has you. No strings attached, no police, just Leonard and the mystery person. Well Caylee, we know no one has you but the dear Lord, and unless the dear Lord can show Mr. Padilla you are safe, we know the only way to find you is by the people looking for you.

I wish Mr. Padilla would donate that $50,000 to Tim Miller with Equusearch so they can get more people out to find you. I sent Mr. Padilla a comment on his MY Space page asking him to donate the money so people can continue to find you.

Oh, sweet, precious Caylee, I have known since day one you were gone and knew you were safe and content in the dear Lord's arms. But today, I am deflated, devastated, sick, shock, angry and every single emotion I can possible think of knowing your "grandparents sold your soul", I just can't believe this happened.

We all love you Caylee and are praying for you to be found and brought back to all of us!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Casey Anthony Turns Down Immunity Deal

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ORLANDO -- News 13 has learned from Casey Anthony's attorneys that she has turned down an offer of limited immunity.

State prosecutors offered Casey the deal in exchange for information leading to Anthony's missing 3-year-old daughter, Caylee. The offer was set to expire at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Currently, nobody -- including her lawyer -- is scheduled to visit Casey Anthony in jail on Tuesday