Friday, September 5, 2008

Caylee Marie Anthony - A Very Precious Little Girl

Collage of pictures created by: Sukirue on August 28, 2008


Anonymous said...

How in the world are you getting such private photos? Have they been made public in some way or do you know the family personally?

Just curious.
My prayers for Caylee and the grandparents.
Shame on the people protesting.

Patty said...

This particular collage of pictures was created by "sukirie". She.he did a wonderful tribute to Caylee and I placed it on my blog and gave posted the creature.

There are many pictures of Caylee all over the Internet.

My prayers are with Caylee and pray she will come home. I also pray that the grandparents take the "polygraph" test that they were going to take and changed their minds 20 minutes later.

Thanks for stopping by to my blog and continue to pray Caylee is found.