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Testing 1, 2, 3 It's been a long time since I have written anything, and had difficulty getting my blog to show up with all the work that I put into it. I better start writing again.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What Prompts A Man To Call A Woman The "C" Word?

If there is one word that I hate in the entire world, it is the "C" word. I have no idea why a man would ever call a woman a "C".

I was called a "C" today, while I was driving out of the parking lot of Winn Dixie. I always travel out the furthest exit because I need to get into the left hand turning lane once I make the right out of the parking lot.

Going this way allows me enough distance to get over to the left turning lane rather then trying to squeeze out and get over to the left hand turning lane.

As I was coming aroung the corner of Winn Dixie, with the end store being the Liquor Store, I was in my lane and then all of a sudden I see a white pickup truck coming off the main street into the parking lot. The white pickup was coming right into my lane so I had no choice but to stop. I couldn't go anywhere, so my safest bet was just to sit still until he decided to either move over, slam into me, or pull into a parking space.

As he pulls into the parking space of the Winn Dixie's Liquor Store, with his windows rolled down, he looks out of the window and YELLS "FU C". I actually gasped within me. I actually felt so bad hearing this young man, probably in his early 30's calling me, a woman in her mid 60's a "C".

As I traveled home, I was really getting sad, I felt sick to my stomach that some stranger in this world could call a ME a "C".

I spoke with my son a bit later and told him about what happened. All of a sudden I could feel the tears streaming down my face as I repeated what this young man said to me. I realized right then and there, how hurtful this word is to a woman, and why would a man use this word to a woman?

If I was 30 years younger, I probably would have gotten out of my car and followed the young man into the Liquor Store and confronted him. Although, it did come to my mind at the time to get out of my car and say something to him, however, in this day and age, with guns so available, and humans beings not caring about other humans, it was better for me to just not put myself in a position that I could regret.

I do wish though I would have gotten his license plate as I would have tracked his butt down for sure. :) :)

Trust me, if I would have gotten your license plate and found you, you would have been faced with MY SON ... 6'5" and 290 pounds of pure muscle. The teeth that would have fallen out of your mouth would have been a reminder to never say the "C" word to a woman ever again, that is if you would be able to open up your jaw to even speak.

To all the men out there in the world, think about how hurtful the "C" word is to a woman, and refrain from every using this word. You all have mothers, sisters, neices etc., this is an awful word to call a woman.

Now that I have written what happened to me today, perhaps I can get it out of my head, and the sickening feeling in my gut will go away. Although hearing that word makes me feel so dirty deep within my soul.

Before I end, the Jersey girl is coming out, of which, wants me to go back to the Liquor Store tomorrow around the same time and wait for the white pick up truck. I have a feeling the Liquor Store is a daily stop on the way home from work for this person. All I want is the license plate .... :) :)

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Casey Anthony: Laura Buchanan "Key Witness"

Testimony From Key Casey Witness May Be Falling Apart

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

E-mail: Terri Horman Accuses Kaine Of Being Overbearing

SNIPPET and more at the link to read.

“I am The one who was able to get him glasses (I noticed at 6 months when I was working with him but Kaine wouldn't go in to a doc until he was 2 years - yeah - he's farsighted 750)). He's on me about being fat. Wants me to do another show. Makes me pay $1000 a month to him for bills although it's my child support and unemployment. I do all the yard work, house work, mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters.”

My thoughts:
I have always felt that Kaine was controlling and still do. Although many feel Terri is talking out of both sides of her mouth, but I don't feel that way. More thoughts yet to come.

Desiree Young: Kaine said: "Not An Option" For Kyron To Live With His Mother 11/15/10

My thoughts:

IMO, Desiree was way over the top in this interview.

I don't recall and for the first time that I am aware of it, Desiree states: "that Terri would call Desiree when Kyron was upset so he could talk to his mother" , Desiree also stating: "she was trying to get custody of Kyron a year before he went missing and this was not an option because Kaine said so." Desiree also mentions that "Terri wanted Kyron to go and live with his mother."

Sure would like to know why Desiree just didn't take Kaine to court to get custody of Kyron a year ago.

Something was going on within the Horman household that perhaps Terri wanted Kyron to live with his mother because of Kaine. If there was friction in the marriage, and Terri "allegedly" stating Kryon was the reason, then this leads me to believe that Terri was seeing something and she didn't like what she was seeing. IMO.

Thinking back, Desiree had stated that Terri called her everyday to give her a daily school report on how Kyron did in school; good or bad.

What did Desiree just learn that really upsets her regarding Kaine? Could it be that maybe Kaine sent the "sexy" text messages from his phone to Michael Cook?

I never once believed that Terri sent the "sext" messages to Michael Cook, especially the photos. All of this crap started after Kaine left the house and had this "red flag" waving on my computer screen.

Remember, not long ago, LE stated they know things that they wish they never knew (paraphrasing).

It makes me wonder if these emails "allegedly" from Terri that LE showed Desiree on Friday actually came from someone else, and written as if it was Terri.

We just might learn a lot more from the "backstory" that may just surprised all of us.

Of course, everything that I write are "my thoughts". :)

Kaine Horman: Press Conference 11/15/10

My thoughts:


IMO, if anyone is a "Master of Deception" it is Kaine! Kaine is very in-control and a "control" freak.