Wednesday, November 17, 2010

E-mail: Terri Horman Accuses Kaine Of Being Overbearing

SNIPPET and more at the link to read.

“I am The one who was able to get him glasses (I noticed at 6 months when I was working with him but Kaine wouldn't go in to a doc until he was 2 years - yeah - he's farsighted 750)). He's on me about being fat. Wants me to do another show. Makes me pay $1000 a month to him for bills although it's my child support and unemployment. I do all the yard work, house work, mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters.”

My thoughts:
I have always felt that Kaine was controlling and still do. Although many feel Terri is talking out of both sides of her mouth, but I don't feel that way. More thoughts yet to come.

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