Monday, December 10, 2007

A Special Friend!

Today is the birthday of a dear friend of mine "Wil." Wil lived across the street from me and we actually met through our dogs.

Wil is no longer here as he past away January 14, 2004 of cancer. Wil and I spoke in length so often of what he was going through. He even allowed me to help care for him by driving him for treatments, or rubbing his sore legs and aching back.

The Thanksgiving before his passing, I got a phone call from Wil asking me if I was alright? I said: "of course" I am fine! Wil said" "Patty, you didn't open your blinds this morning and this is the first time you haven't done that. I was so taken back because it was then that I realized that someone was actually watching over me.

On Wil last birthday, December 10, 2003, his wife had to take him for an early doctor's appointment. I made a big sign and posted on the outside of my house so he could see "Happy Birthday Wil."

I was with Wil about 2 hours before he past and as normal, gave him the news updates like I did daily. I brought him his ice water like it liked, and made sure his medicine was nearby.

On that January day there had been a very large black cloud above the house as I sat and waited as I knew it was going to be today.

I went outside at 4:56 PM with Oprah in the background and made a 12 x 12 area and prepared it to seed with grass. Odd thing to do, but I had no rhyme or reason for doing it that day. Then the phone call came and it was his wife screaming and I ran over to Wil's last breath.

As I went outside tonight to light up the Christmas lights, I looked across the street and there is a lighted star at the top of their house with sparkling white lights dripping down. Wil's wife doesn't live there anymore, but the new neighbors put up this shining star today and little do they know how special that star is to me and to my dear friend Wil. Not only is it lite on his birthday but it will be there throughout the Christmas season is so loved.

Happy Birthday my friend, and I know deep in my soul you are still watching me as I continue to raise the blinds in my home.

O and O

Here we go, polls and polls about who is first in Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina or is it South Carolina. Personally I don't care.

The only poll I am interested in is a poll taken at the ticket gate, asking all the folks "are you here to see Oprah?"

Media reports: "look at all the women in the audience?" Well "duh", has anyone watched Oprah's Show, it's all women!

Chances are these are all the women who can't get tickets to Oprah's Show so they bought tickets to see Oprah with her side-kick Obama.

Oh, I have nothing against Oprah, but didn't anyone tell Obama, Oprah is not running as Obama's VP?

Soon there will be a poll indicating "this is the first time EVER, a candidate running for President had over 50,000 people show up! Oh my!!!!!

Let's not insult the American publics intelligence with "look at all the women in the audience!"

Stacy Peterson

Michael Vick Gets 23 Months!

The suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback could have been sentenced up to five years by District Judge Henry E. Hudson. Vick was dressed in a black-and-white striped prison suit and apologized to the court and his family.

Hudson responded, "You need to apologize to the millions of young people who looked up to you."

"Yes, sir," Vick said.

Vick acknowledged he used "poor judgment" and added, "I'm willing to deal with the consequences and accept responsibility for my actions."

Is that all he GETS? To me this is outrageous and hopefully all the animal organizations will protest this sentence.

I don't see any fines set upon him. WTF? He should have received 23 months for each innocent dog that was killed or injured beneath his armpits of violence.

What's with the word "suspended" from the Atlanta Falcons? The word should be "TERMINATED" without any future benefits from the NFL. What's up with that? Vick TERMINATED the lives of God's creatures, time to TERMINATE Vick from the pleasure of being in the NFL. Hello NFL!

Vick needs to be sentenced to any Pit Bull Rescue Agency and care for each of those precious animals as they are rescued from homes of cruelty. Perhaps Vick's meals need to be served in a dog dish and he is on all "fours" eating his dinner.

This judge DID NOT help the situation with this sentence. Heck, Vick gets to serve probably half of the 23 months anyway. Most of the people who treat animals this way ... they figure "what the heck, the sentence is light!"

Pit Bulls are a wonderful breed of animal. They love to be loved and play like another other breed. Their hearts are warm and their licks can cover an entire face. They may look intimidating, but so does Vick!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Greta Wire/Peterson Disappearance

I have been blogging on all morning and into the afternoon. There are so many various opinions regarding the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. I have blogged a lot on MySpace page ever since the story hit the news.

What sparked my interest in Cassandra was the interview she did with Greta on October 31, 2007 and the interview she did 2 days later on November 2, 2007. I posted the video of November 2, 2007 (See link on my blog page) on this blog and to see the Greta interview, you have to go to then scroll down to the last video which is Cassandra. They are quite different both emotionally and facts.

With all the concerns Cassandra has for her sister especially since Stacy told Cassandra on Saturday, the day before Stacy went missing that she was in fear for her life, then why didn't Cassandra call Stacy when Cassandra woke up the morning of the 28th? According to Cassandra, Bruce was suppose to call Stacy when Cassandra woke up. Since Cassandra didn't call Bruce to say she was awake and backing out of the painting, why didn't Cassandra just check on Stacy ONLY because of what Stacy said to Cassandra the night before "being in fear for her life".

Cassandra calls Stacy's cell phone at 1:30 pm the exact same time that Drew picks up the younger children from Sharon's house. Why didn't Cassandra asked Chris to put his father on so Cassandra could speak with him?

When Cassandra found out that Stacy was suppose to have gone to grandpa's and after checking out that Stacy wasn't expected nor wasn't there, why didn't Cassandra immediately call the police and tell them of her concerns.

Why did it take Cassandra nearly 10 hours before she went to DP's house? Why didn't Cassandra at any time within these 10 hours call DP?

Why did Cassandra after speaking with DP at 11:26 PM say to herself she needed advise and would go to BPD because that is where Drew works but ends up at Downer's Grove PD instead? This makes no sense. DGPD tells Cassandra she has to go to BPD.

When BPD asks Cassandra what car Stacy was driving, why didn't she at least give the names of both vehicles in the household. It is obvious that Stacy is the one driving the "purple" Grand Prix because I can't imagine Drew driving around in a "purple" anything.

Why didn't Cassandra just go back to the Peterson household once she finished with the BPD and just sit there and wait for any car to return?

No one knows exactly when the cars returned between 11:00 PM and 2:30 PM. I just feel somehow Cassandra and Drew are linked somehow. Not sure how, but something seems off.

At 2:30 AM, when Bruce and Cassandra called Drew, why didn't they go right up to the house at that point especially when Drew said Stacy left him. Heck, I would be at that front door quicker than lightning.

Did Cassandra call BPD to let them know that both cars were back in the driveway?

Where was Cassandra after the midnight visit to the BPD? Why did it take until 4:00 AM to go to the State Police?

Cassandra was so "matter-of-fact" and "emotionless" during the October 31, 2007 interview with Greta, but two days later, nothing is clear in her head and very emotionally. At one point when asked how many hours from the time Stacy was suppose to paint and the time you called Drew. Cassandra said: 5 hours. You have to watch her mouth on that one as this was a lie!

Five hours back from 11:26 PM is 6:26 PM. Something is wrong with this time-frame because 6:26 PM is very late in the day to start painting. Could this 6:26 PM time-frame mean something else as well as the phone call to Drew. Remember Drew is out there somewhere either picking up his step-brother at a park and bringing him to a coffee shop while Drew leaves him there and goes elsewhere.

Then there was the post on that had a poll of some sort regarding whose book would sell better .... Cassandra's or Mark Furman's. The post is no longer on the site.

First Day Here!

I decided to start a blog to enable myself to write to my hearts content. I love to write about everything and anything especially the way I see things through my eyes and life experience.