Monday, December 10, 2007

O and O

Here we go, polls and polls about who is first in Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina or is it South Carolina. Personally I don't care.

The only poll I am interested in is a poll taken at the ticket gate, asking all the folks "are you here to see Oprah?"

Media reports: "look at all the women in the audience?" Well "duh", has anyone watched Oprah's Show, it's all women!

Chances are these are all the women who can't get tickets to Oprah's Show so they bought tickets to see Oprah with her side-kick Obama.

Oh, I have nothing against Oprah, but didn't anyone tell Obama, Oprah is not running as Obama's VP?

Soon there will be a poll indicating "this is the first time EVER, a candidate running for President had over 50,000 people show up! Oh my!!!!!

Let's not insult the American publics intelligence with "look at all the women in the audience!"

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