Monday, December 10, 2007

A Special Friend!

Today is the birthday of a dear friend of mine "Wil." Wil lived across the street from me and we actually met through our dogs.

Wil is no longer here as he past away January 14, 2004 of cancer. Wil and I spoke in length so often of what he was going through. He even allowed me to help care for him by driving him for treatments, or rubbing his sore legs and aching back.

The Thanksgiving before his passing, I got a phone call from Wil asking me if I was alright? I said: "of course" I am fine! Wil said" "Patty, you didn't open your blinds this morning and this is the first time you haven't done that. I was so taken back because it was then that I realized that someone was actually watching over me.

On Wil last birthday, December 10, 2003, his wife had to take him for an early doctor's appointment. I made a big sign and posted on the outside of my house so he could see "Happy Birthday Wil."

I was with Wil about 2 hours before he past and as normal, gave him the news updates like I did daily. I brought him his ice water like it liked, and made sure his medicine was nearby.

On that January day there had been a very large black cloud above the house as I sat and waited as I knew it was going to be today.

I went outside at 4:56 PM with Oprah in the background and made a 12 x 12 area and prepared it to seed with grass. Odd thing to do, but I had no rhyme or reason for doing it that day. Then the phone call came and it was his wife screaming and I ran over to Wil's last breath.

As I went outside tonight to light up the Christmas lights, I looked across the street and there is a lighted star at the top of their house with sparkling white lights dripping down. Wil's wife doesn't live there anymore, but the new neighbors put up this shining star today and little do they know how special that star is to me and to my dear friend Wil. Not only is it lite on his birthday but it will be there throughout the Christmas season is so loved.

Happy Birthday my friend, and I know deep in my soul you are still watching me as I continue to raise the blinds in my home.

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