Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thanks To Tom Brokaw!

With the way the primaries and caucuses are going, we are seeing history right before our very eyes. I find this to be outstanding and quite interesting.

I am not a big fan of politics mainly because most of the reports are reported by the media and the media seems to report their own views, especially their prediction of how the New Hampshire primary would be; "a blow out".

All of my frustrations yesterday was because of a clip that the media, MSNBC in particular played over and over again of Hillary chatting with a some woman over coffee, and her voice cracking explaining her feeling in response to a question. You give MSNBC an inch and they run a mile with it.

I watch MSNBC and NBC because of Tim Russet's evaluation of what is happening in the primaries. He is fair and doesn't nip-pic like the other reporters.

MSNBC ran with polls, exit polls, crowds,women over 30, under 60, men under 30, over 50, blacks, whites, mexicans, asians and the dog population to predict that Obama would blow out Hillary and repeated it over and over again while telling the world a little choking up is going to ruin Hillary.

Once the prediction was made that John McCain won the Republican primary, the first thing MSNBC did was blast John for reading his speech. Chris Matthews, Keith Oberman, and Joe Scarborough along with the other men on the MSNBC panel excluding Tim Russert and Tom Brokow were down right mean to John McCain. Instead of congratulating McCain's win in the primary, they blasted McCain for reading his speech.

Although I personally feel McCain should have spoken from his heart, but the MSNBC team should not have gone so overboard. Keith Oberman apologized on behalf of MSNBC but it was way too late.

As Hillary kept her lead in NH, and too close to call, MSNBC was blabbering over what was going on in the polls. Over and over again repeating that perhaps the media reporting on Hillary's feelings was actually pissing off the woman in New Hampshire to come and and vote. WTF! Then MSNBC went in another direction saying "it's got to be the weather, it's warmer, and more older folks can come out and vote for Hillary. WTF!

The exit polls and candidates staffs calling folks throughout NH became a topic at one point saying: "did the voters lie as they came out of the polls?" I don't know too many people that will tell anyone who they vote for, nor would I tell someone that calls me if I will back a certain candidate.

Once Hillary gave her speech, of course, this was picked on by MSNBC. Oh look, Margaret is not up there with Hillary, oh, neither is Bill or Chelsey, or this person or that person. WTF! I am surprised they didn't comment on what she was wearing.

As my frustration level was creeping to the max over MSNBC commentary of the primary, I thought this is going to be difficult to go to sleep after what happened on MSNBC tonight. Then the blabbering panel asked Tom Brokow for his view and basically he said: "we have to let the voters decide the outcome and pick the candidate and stop with the predictions." This is not verbatim, but darn close to saying "stop all this crap and let real news happen"! This is when I said: "Thank You Tom Brokow", stood up, turn the TV off and went to sleep peacefully! :)

Copied from Jane Devin's website.

President Bush:

The pictures were just what the White House wanted: A teary-eyed President Bush presenting the Medal of Honor posthumously to a slain war hero in the East Room. [Washington Post, 1/12/07]

A tear rolled down Bush's cheek during the event, an extraordinary display of emotion by the commander-in-chief. Bush has been known to tear up and reportedly once cried in a private meeting with war widows. [Chicago Sun-Times, 1/12/07]

Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Robert Gates almost broke down as he gave a speech at a Marine Corps dinner. … Mr Gates's show of feeling suggests that he brings a more human side to the role of defence secretary. [BBC, 7/19/07]

George H.W. Bush

Wiping away tears as he recalled praying at Camp David before ordering the start of the Persian Gulf war, President Bush today offered a testimony of emotion, politics and faith to a cheering crowd of thousands of Southern Baptists. [New York Times, 7/7/91]

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