Thursday, January 10, 2008

Peterson Letter

I just watched Nancy Grace’s interview with Brodsky last night. I found it quite interesting when Nancy jumped on the phone bill and Brodsky saying they seized the phone bill. This seems very odd that the ISP would seize the actual monthly phone bill when they can get the records right from the phone company. In some cases it could be 30 days after the initial calls from October 28Th to show up on a phone bill as it depends on the billing cycle. I wished Nancy would have said something about online cell phone records to check the phone calls. Most cell phone company’s have online cell records and online billing and most of the time you have cellphone number show up online within 12 hours of the phone call. I wish Nancy would have taken this conversation one step more.

Although Brodsky said he knows Drew was in Florida on the 29th because he spoke with him is not sufficient enough because they are talking via cell-phone and you can say your at one place and be somewhere else (like Scott Peterson). Drew’s cell-phone records for that trip along with pings will determine where Drew called or received calls on the 29th. Also Disney World will have a record on when Drew and four children arrived at the Magic Kingdom based on purchasing the tickets and their fingerprints. Yup, they take your fingerprint as you enter.

Hopefully the ISP, will do additional investigation based on this letter and track it back to the 29th and Drew’s whereabouts. If Drew is associated with this letter, not sure what charges can be held against him but maybe it will prove a cover-up in some manner.

Drew also could have dropped the letter off in a mailbox, in that case, mail is usually picked up after 5:00 PM and postmarked for the next day. That would then show the 29th. I also think the way the letter was addressed to Joel Peterson was to try and throw off the police because based on the letter, the individual had a newspaper clipping of Stacy and clearly states Drew as the husband.

Sometimes a guilty person who tries their hardest always screws up even the perfect crime.

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