Thursday, January 24, 2008

Search Is On For Cesar Laurean

Late afternoon on January 10, 2008 after Cesar told his wife Christina about the death of Maria Lauterback Cesar started to plan his departure on January 11, 2008.

I personally feel Christina knew what happened on December 14th.

Cesar knew that the police were on his trail once Sheriff Brown was made aware that during the preliminary investigation into Maria's disappearance unveiled the rape charges against Cesar on January 1, 2008.

As Cesar and Christina sat down and wrote the note, that was suppose to be found when Christina woke up, Cesar also check with bus lines to see which bus line will bring him into Mexico.

There is a Trailways Bus Line in Jacksonville, but this would be too obvious since this is where Maria bought her one-way ticket to El Paso. Although, based on how Cesar did all he did with killing Maria, burying her in his own backyard, going to Lowes on December 16th, 2007 to buy paint, cement blocks, shovels, and a wheelbarrow, including using Maria's ATM card. Then using Maria's ATM card on December 24th and then celebrating the Christmas Holidays and New Year's having a fire on top of Maria's dead body as she carried Cesar's son, bareley 8 1/2 months gestation, a child now called Gabriel Joseph; I am surprised he didn't go to Trailways to get his ticket.

As Cesar prepared to leave his wife and his 18 month old daughter, he packed some clothing and collected what money was available. There are reports that money was wired to him and Christina somewhere between Decmber 10 to January 12th. I don't doubt money was sent to him as he needed money to escape. I figure, if he had to use Maria's ATM card on December 16th to purchase the items at Lowe's and then again on December 24th, chances are the Lauren's were very short on money.

I am not sure who sent them the money. It might be Christina or Cesar's parents. I just feel the money was sent within the United States and it didn't come from Mexico.

Somewhere between the hours of 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM, Cesar left his home and headed out on his journey to escape being arrested. I personally do not believe Cesar left any earlier than 8:00 AM because I feel, that he wanted to be with his young daughter, for at least an hour or so. Also he needed to listen to any morning show, perhpas The Today Show to see what Sheriff Brown was going to update regarding Maria. Sheriff Brown, on Friday, January 11, 2008, believed they would find Maria, and in his voice you could almost feel as though she would be found alive.

It was after the segment with Sheriff Brown that Cesar took off in his black pick-up truck and drove ~145 miles to Morrisville, North Carolina. At some point he took refuge either in the hotel in Morrisville, or just plain feel asleep in his truck until Saturday, January 12th, 2008.
Sometime during his short stay between Morrisville and Raleigh/Durham is when Cesar wrote a letter to his wife and mailed it from the area.

At some point, Cesar abondon his truck at the hotel in Morrisville and then walked or perhpas took a taxi to Raleigh/Durham. The distance between Morrisville and Raleigh is only 16 miles. He may have even hitched a ride from a vehicle passing by using his camaflouge uniform as a way to get a ride to Raleigh.

At some point, either Cesar deliberatly planted Maria's ATM card near the bus depot as well as also planting Maria's credit card. I am not sure if this bus depot was for Greyhound or Trailways, but I feel this isn't the bus line he bought his ticket.

On Nancy Grace's show on January 22, 2007, it was mentioned that Cesar used Tonado Bus lines to get from Houston, Texas to San Luis De La Paz, Mexico. They also mentioned on the show the cost of the ticket from Houston, Texas to San Luis De La Paz, Mexico, of which, was around $189.00.
4005 New Burn Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27610
919 212-1448

I feel Cesar took Tornado Bus Lines right out of Raleigh/Durham because Torando Bus Lines has destinations in Raleigh as well as Charlotte.

It takes 30 hours by bus to go from Raleigh, North Carolina to Houston, Texas. And it takes an addtional 24 hours to go from Houston, Texas to San Luis De La Paz, Mexico. That is 54 hours or 2 and 1/4 days on a bus.

Now we know why there was no sight of Cesar for 2 1/4 days as he was on a bus. I do not know the bus schedule stops within cities along the way, but I wouldn't be surprised if the sighting of Cesar in Shervesport, Louisiana was real.

During all the hours of traveling, Cesar wrote another letter, possibly two and once he stopped over in Houston, Texas he mailed the letter.

I feel that the ticket, based now on what was reported via Nancy Grace, the bus ticket Cesar purchased in Raleigh, North Carolina led the police to think he is sitting in Texas. But that isn't the case as he bought another ticket from Houston, Texas to San Luis De La Paz, Mexico. This would make Cesar arriving in San Luis De La Paz, Mexico late Monday on January 14th.

Based on the interview with Cesar's cousin: Juan Antonio Ramos Ramirez told The Associated Press that Laurean walked into his liquor store on Jan. 14 or 15, and the two cousins chatted for 10 minutes about their families. Laurean then told Ramirez that he had to get back to two friends outside, but he might return. He never did.

The timeline fits!

Nothing would surprise me if Cesar didn't hop back on Torando Bus Lines and head back to the states. Torando Buses are RED, like a Red Torpedo! My goodness how was the bus missed for over all this time.

Although Cesar did what he did, and so much like a brain-dead Marine, he did do something right, he got on a bus and headed out of dodge. The chances of the FBI stopping all the buses throughout the states was slim to none.

Now we have to wait to see, if the local people in Mexico will do the right thing and turn in Cesar!

The almighty American dollars is pretty valuable in Mexico.
5,000.00 USD = 54,748.39 MXN United States Dollars Mexico Pesos
1 USD = 10.9497 MXN 1 MXN = 0.0913269 USD

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