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Lauterbach, Laurean Love Triangle

Is it possible there was the old-fashioned Love Triangle going on between Maria, Cesar and Christina?

As evidence comes forward from local law enforcement, Marines, FBI, Christina, Maria's actions, Cesar's rage, who is protecting who and why?

Right now I have to take out of the picture the rape charges that Maria filed and put them aside for a moment and just go from December 14th, 2007.

For some strange reason, Maria decided to buy a one-way ticket to El Paso, Texas on the 14th of December, which was to be used the following day on the 15th of December.

It makes no sense at all why a 8 1/2 month pregnant woman would want to go to Texas, a state where she has no relatives, no friends, no doctor, no health insurance, fully knowing she would be AWOL based on military protocol, barely enough clothing and money just to get away from it all.

I remember when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and needed help just to get off the sofa or toilet bowl never mind taking a bus for hours to another state. Then once in Texas, with no car, no idea where to find the hotel, or a taxi or even the bus schedule, manage to get to a hotel and get a room. This makes no sense to me at all.

I also remember when I moved to Florida from Pennsylvania, not pregnant and felt like this tiny little ant in a gigantic state. I didn't know even how to find my new home without directions and needed to carry directions with me for a while in order to get back I also had to print out directions to get to the store and back.

It is very intimidating when alone in a new state, or even a new city within a familiar state to get around. And with Maria, she didn't even have a car with her.

That brings up another point, why didn't she just drive herself to Texas if she was just going to leave the marines and start a new life? At least she had a car to get around.

Even though there was a Military Order of Protection in force, I need to put this aside also because it's just a piece of paper.

There was some sort of a plan here, a plan perhaps between Maria and Cesar. I started to feel this way after the statement was released that Christina gave to the police:

Cesar Laurean, 21, also told her that Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach showed up at his home on Dec. 15 to tell him she was leaving Jacksonville and demanded money from Laurean. The two then went to a bus station where he helped her buy a ticket to El Paso, Texas, the warrant said.

Christina Laurean told Onslow County sheriff's detective John Dubois that a disoriented and agitated Lauterbach returned to Cesar Laurean's house later that night and told him that "her plan had failed, that an argument ensued" and that she produced a knife and killed herself by slitting her throat."

I am beginning to believe Cesar went with Maria to get a bus ticket to El Paso, with the belief Cesar would meet her in El Paso and that Maria would be taken care of by Cesar's family whether within the USA or Mexico.

Note: Mexican families are very family-oriented and take care of their own and keep it within the family Mexican families are very, very close!

Not sure what happened after the ticket was purchased because police feel Maria was killed on the 14th.

My thoughts based on what was reported on Nancy Grace, on Jan Th's show, Christina was not at home on December 14th as she was attending a Christmas Party, of which, Cesar was suppose to come to the party but never showed up.

Neighbor's reported seeing Maria's car on the Laurean street with Cesar driving the car.

Somehow I have to get Maria's car at the bus station and I feel it might have gone this way.

1.) I have to keep in mind that Christina had to have been home during the day before she went to the Christmas Party, so Maria and Cesar had to have met in town to purchase this bus ticket. Maria took her car and Cesar drove his truck.

2.) Or Christina may have been on base (I believe she is in the Marines too but not sure) which then would allow Maria to drive to Cesar's home to pick him up and they went to the bus depot together. I states this only because of Christina's statement to the police that Maria was at the house twice on the 14th.

The plans were set in motion but one of them got cold-feet. Did Cesar call Maria and tell her his plans changed and he isn't going to Texas?

A very young, hormonal pregnant woman would have certainly gotten very upset and could have driven to Cesar's house.

Maria had already left a note for her roommate indicating she was leaving the Marines, etc., etc. Maria spent the money to buy the bus ticket, money, of which, she probably couldn't afford since she was expecting a baby. Maria already tossed her cell-phone or perhaps Cesar did, but in any event, the cell-phone was planted to lead her voluntary departure as a departure and not wanting to be contacted.

Once Cesar told Maria he wasn't going, Maria probably went to the house to confront Cesar. Or Cesar went to meet Maria to discuss his reasons for not going

I am leaning more toward Maria going to Cesar's house because Maria is now really pissed - off and may have decided to plant herself at the house until Christina came home from the Christmas Party and tell Christina of the plans that she had with Cesar.

This would certainly have outraged Cesar and something clearly happened at that point. Reports indicated that blood was in the house as well as in the garage, mostly in the garage.

Did Maria really try and slit her own throat and then was dragged to the garage to get her out of the house? Did Marie go into labor at that point and the child was born causing the loss of a lot of blood found on the garage floor? Did the fracture to Maria's head be the cause of her falling in the house or because she was set on fire?

I am trying to turn the scenario around to where Cesar cut her throat and then hit her and dragged her to the garage. I just can't come up with a good scenario for Cesar to due the cutting of the throat, IF there was an actual cutting of the throat. Regardless of how Maria died, what happened later on the 14th of December set another plan in motion.

Christina was at a Christmas Party and eventually had to return home. At this point, Maria is in the garage and something needs to be done with Maria and quickly.

Cesar is not capable of doing this alone, so Cesar needs to tell Christina what happened when Maria showed up at the house. Whether it be true or not, Cesar told Christina the story as stated in the note.

I have to go back to the Maria's car for a moment since I have her driving to Cesar's house. Perhaps the car was hidden somewhere down the road from Cesar's house and left there for the time being. I feel this is the case based on the fact that Maria was in the garage at that time.

Once Christina came home, Cesar told Christina about the suicide and what took place. At this time, Cesar needed to borrow a shovel from his neighbors and used the excuse that he had to plant flowers.

I feel Maria remained in the garage the entire night of the 14th and it wasn't until the 15th that the shallow grave was dug to place Maria.

Cesar could have been out in the backyard for awhile digging without any of the neighbors being suspicious of the digging since he already indicated to the neighbor he was planting flowers.

Later in the evening of the 15th as darkness approached is when Cesar and Christina brought Maria's body to the shallow grave. I don't feel Christina stayed there while Cesar set the body on fire. Nope, don't feel that!

Thoughts about the neighbors not smelling a foul odor burning probably didn't even phase the neighbors because first, the windows were probably closed due to the weather being cold and the heat on, or perhaps even the weather being warm and the air-conditioning on. Also, trash of many kinds will produce foul odors and since the average person is not really aware of what a body smells like when burned, they couldn't determine that was the odor.

Either later on the 15th or perhaps on the 16th of December, Cesar returned the shovel to his neighbors.

At some point, the garage and room(s) had to be cleaned up and painted. Christina continued the plan in motion by telling the neighbors of the painting that was done in the house and maybe even invited a close neighbor in to look at how great it all turned out.

Now the car is still somewhere, and perhaps eventually the car was placed inside the garage until the next plan was figured out. It's obvious that Maria's car had to be hidden for a longer period of time.

To continue the new plans of Maria leaving the military, based on the note, the ticket, the cell-phone, the money, they had to lead the police in another direction so Cesar went to an ATM to withdraw money on the 24th of December. Reports indicate that Cesar attempted to cover the camera from his face. The reports indicate a white male and Cesar is light enough to be classified in that manner.

To keep life normal within the Laurean home, they invited some military buddies over to have a bar-be-cue in the backyard on Christmas Day. It sickens to me think that this bar-be-cue took place over the shallow grave, but it looks more likely it did than didn't.

This party was a way to give alibi's to the Laurean's via the military based on "who the hell would ever have a bar-be-cue over a dead body!"

As local law enforcement started investigating deeper and harder an now have Cesar's name, the Lauren's needed to complete their plan and a exit for Cesar.

Money is needed and according to reports, there was numerous Western Union money transferred to Cesar and his wife. If Cesar told his family what he did and why he needed money, well law enforcement officials will have to deal with them too!

On January 8th, under darkenss, I believe Cesar drove Maria's car to the bus station and along the way he through out her cell-phone on Highway 24 (I beleive), while Christina followed Cesar in another vehicle to the bus station.

Once the local Sheriff's office brought Maria's disappearance to the media this is when Cesar and his wife had to act quickly. The Lauren's had to have watched the press conference the same time that the world listened. The Lauren's already knew of Maria and by this timeframe, they already had the bank records and record of the bus ticket.

This is why I believe on the evening of the 8th the car was returned and the cell-phone disposed of.

It may have been on the 9th that Cesar contacted a criminal attorney regarding the death of Maria or even on the 10th. The attorney, if there was an attorney could verify if this call was made and if there was an appointment and if he advised Cesar that this warrants the death penalty.

I am not sure if I buy the story of Cesar confessing to his wife on the 10th because I beleive she was made aware of this when she returned home from the Christmas Party on the 14th.

What the Laurean's needed to do was buy some time for Cesar to get away and together they planned the letter of what happened, and Christina giving her husband a 6 hours lead before the police were even aware of this letter.

In 6 hours you can travel 420 miles at 70 mph.

It is only 145 miles and 2 hours from Jacksonville, NC to Durham, NC which means he hung around NC for a while, maybe waiting for money to come through. Maria's ATM card was found on Saturday in Durham, NC.

Around 8:00 AM on Friday, January 11, Sheriff Brown was on The Today Show indicating it was a much more positive direction that Maria will be found and believed alive.

Now at 8:00 AM or thereabouts, Cesar was on the road. Based on reports of his neighbor, Cesar's truck was home at 6:30 AM on the 11th as she saw it while walking her two dogs. I beleive she indicated that the car was not home at 8:00 AM when she went to take her daughter to school.

It wasn't until around 12:30 PM, 4 hours later that the Sheriff indicated that the investigation has gone in another direction based on information they received.

Christina indicated to the police that when she woke up at 4:00 AM her husband was gone and found the note. But it took Christina nearly 8.5 hours before she brought the note to the police.

Did Cesar and Christina sit down over a cup of coffee to listen to the Sheriff giving his report on The Today Show? It wouldn't surprise me if this was the case.

Cesar needed to protect Christina and their 18 month old daughter. Remember, the Mexican culture protects their family to the highest degree. The Laurean's needed to convince the local law enforcement that Christina had nothing to do with helping Cesar bury Maria. There is a young child at stake here, and they are doing everything to keep the child with at least one parent.

Cesar knows if he makes it to Mexico he can blend in with the locals. Heck, he can do this within the USA in most states bordering the west coast and if needed even come to the east coast into Florida.

The questions is "where is Cesar, and who is helping him to hide?" As of this writing, it is 7 days that Cesar is on the run. With all that is happening, the stress level within him is wearing him down along with anyone harbouring him from the FBI and other officials.

I am confused over the letters that "alledgly" have been sent to Maria. It makes me wonder if this was part of the original plan between Maria and Cesar and not that of the recent plan between Christina and Cesar. If there are letters, they would have had to come from within NC and not so much TX. Cesar's truck was found on Tuesday afternoon in Morrisville, NC which is about 17 miles from Durham, NC where the ATM card was found on Saturday.

A well conditioned Marine could easily walk 17 miles from Durham to Morrisville and hop a bus to El Paso. I am sure all officials are tracking any ticket bought to El Paso. I sure hope an ID is required to purchase a ticket! At least I hope this is the case. Even if Cesar was to hop a plane, he still has to show ID to get on the plane.

Could he still be in North Carolina? Only time will tell!

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