Sunday, February 17, 2008

Take The Race And Gender Out!

I have taken out the gender and race from all the Democratic candidates and made them all the “traditional” white males that have been President of the United States since 1789 when George Washington became the first President of the United States.

If you keep in the gender and race then it becomes a “circus” because all you are hearing in the first black male candidate and first woman candidate. Although you never hear first “white” woman candidate.

Once the gender and race is removed, then you have to see both candidates as white men saying what they both are saying and who is the best candidate for the next President of the United States of America.

Then we have to add in where we stand in our country right at the moment with the crisis of what has happened over the nearly 8 years. The key is 8 years of a mess, which is much harder to clean up then if it was 4 years of a mess.

I have to go back to the Nixon years, and Vietnam, Watergate, and the major mess of what happened during 1969 to 1974. Most of the voters in 2008 don’t even recall what happened back then and the years it took to uncover all the wrong-doing during this administration.

In essence, the Bush Administration has repeated itself in a similar format what was going on during the Nixon Administration. Both have wars under their belts, both have cover-ups, etc., etc.

Now I go back to the two candidates: Obama and Clinton, in my eyes two “white” males. I look at their experiences and what they have accomplished.

In my eyes, out pops Clinton although not officially a Governor or a Former President but one that has been surrounded by what it was like to be Governor of a State and actual first-hand knowledge of life as a President, dealing with heads of states etc., plus all that was accomplished throughout 35 years.

When you separate gender and race, you get a clearer picture of the person and look at what would be best for our country.

Once the race and gender is put back into the scenerio, you will see things in a much different format.

If one candidate is elected. the general public needs to understand there will be no more “revival speeches” sending chills up and down people’s spines.

The next President will be without the crowds of people and will be sitting in the White House running the country by their choice. We won’t know if what they promised will be carried forward.

This is why it is important to go with experience to get this world out of China, out of debt, out of War, and follow through with healthcare, immigration, and all issues at hand that have not been completed in the last 8 years.

I feel Clinton will be the one to hold the Bush Administration accountable for the last 8 years, plus bring forward all the promises pledged to this country regarding all the issues at hand.

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