Sunday, February 17, 2008

Will My Vote Actually Count?

I am so confused over this entire election process that right now living in Florida I am not even sure if my vote in November will even matter. Now that I write that statement, it is obvious based on the last two elections my vote didn't matter.

The only way for the entire election process to work is to drop the delegates from the system and let the popular vote count. So many other countries have a simple process of voting and that is by the people and their votes count.

I don't like the fact that delegates and super delegates are chosen to represent ME, and my thought process. I want to represent myself and let my "one stroke of the handle" on the voting machine to mean something.

I am totally "uneducated" with what happened in Michigan and Florida, who agreed to it, why it was allowed and so on. I just don't understand how two states within the United States of America are completely powerless.

During the 2000 Presidential election, after voting, I went to Sweden to visit some friends. The people in Sweden were following the happenings here in the USA and there were in totally amazement of what was happening with regards to the votes, ballots, courts and so on. I was actually embarrassed when they would ask me "why is this happening?" I couldn't even answer them because I was shocked myself. They told me about their voting system, so simple, and straight-forward.

If "he" gets in, I am really afraid we will be in turmoil in so many ways. You can't run this country like a "revival" meeting with speeches, hip and a hop, and mumbled words. It's just not going to work!

I remember when I went to a good "ole" down to earth Baptist Church and felt the energy, and stamina from the people "praising, shouting and singing". It is an energy I never felt before. I actually enjoyed it while I was there, and a few days after. But then life set back in and the energy was gone unless I decided to go back for another "uplift".

This is how I feel about "him", it's a great energy, lots of chanting and stamina, until the day ends and life and problems are still facing you.

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