Monday, September 29, 2008

Zenaida Gonzalez Speaks Out - September 29, 2008

It's a shame what has happened to Zenaida and her family all because of Casey Anthony. It is still a mystery how Casey got Zenaida's name, knew Zenaida went to Sawgrass and went to that apartment. WHO gave Casey that information? I wrote way back in August, once LE found Zenaida and she had nothing to do with Caylee's disappearance that someone, whether it be within the Sawgrass apartments, or within the development had access to this information. It is not a coincidence; it was a well sought out plan that took nearly 30 days AFTER Caylee went missing to gather and put into force, make into a script, so-to-speak, because everything out of Casey's mouth has been rehearsed over and over again. People who tell LIES can't remember their LIES, but people that study their plan will remember the words.

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