Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cindy Says: "George Never Said Casey Stole Gas"

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Anonymous said...

Well, looks like Cindy is a habitual liar just like her daughter. Lie after lie from each of them. I just finished watching the interview with Cindy and George Anthony with Greta VanSusteran on 8/5 10pm ET. George said Casey walked in the house that afternoon saying Caylee was at the sitters. They had small talk and she said oh Dad, by the way, that's a shame about the gas cans. As it appeared he was going to explain he asked her how she knew, Cindy jumps in and said, oh yeah because I told her earlier, patting his leg. So George tells Casey he wants to fix something on her car and he'll go get the part. He said she kept insisting over and over again she'd get it and be right back. Well he got it and guess what he found, GAS CANS!!!!! In the police report he said he would like to have the person arrested and press charges. Is this what started it all? Her blog about not trusting anyone? Is she PROTECTING her parents?