Sunday, August 10, 2008

Casey Cancels Another Jailhouse Visit - August 10, 2008

Casey Anthony has declined a scheduled jailhouse visit with her parents tonight.

A jail official confirmed that Casey said early Sunday that she would not be accepting guests today. Her parents George and Cindy Anthony had been scheduled to visit her at 9 p.m. this evening.

“Today's declined visitation counts as one of those three visitation opportunities,” according to Allen Moore, Public Information Officer for the Orange County Corrections Department. “Orange County Corrections does not inquire as to why an inmate decides to decline a visitation. Cynthia and George Anthony were notified by phone that their daughter had declined today's scheduled visit.”

On Friday morning, Casey turned away her brother Lee when he arrived at the jail. Just a few days earlier, Cindy Anthony nixed a scheduled visit with Casey citing a lack of privacy during the videotaped conferences.

Pending Casey’s approval, Lee Anthony is now set to visit Casey on Tuesday, while her parents have another planned visit Thursday.

Each inmate is allowed up to three video visitations per week, starting on Sundays.

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