Thursday, August 14, 2008

OTR with Greta - August 14, 2008

Greta was drilling Clint House last night that I wished Greta did this with the Anthony's last week.

I have to watch the show again because Greta seemed to be saying Father's Day was June 16th in some spots, and in some questions said June 15th. This time I just might need the transcript from her show.

If I heard Clint House correctly, he said that on June 15th, the night of Father's Day, Casey slept over Tony's house and Casey said that Caylee was with her grandparents.

If Casey slept over Tony's house, that means that either George or Cindy checked on Caylee in the morning of June 16th, to either get her up and dressed or at least get her breakfast something in the morning of June 16th.

It appears that Tony and Clint leave the house around the same time for class, which is ~9:00 AM, so Casey leaves about that time too.

I'll put Casey back at her parents house at 9:30 AM. So what happened at the Anthony household between 9:30 AM on June 16th until George "claims" he last saw Casey and Caylee at 12:50 PM. This story has never sat very well with me.

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