Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Sure What To Post Today

I could post all the videos that came out yesterday with Cindy and George riding around with the bulletin board, and their trip to LE concerning LE's misstatement about phone calls, etc., or Casey's refusal to see her family, and what media is reporting, etc. but for now, I am not posting them. Right now, the Fifth District Court denied the re-appeal for reduction of Casey's bond. At this point, Baez may have a shot to file an appeal with the Supreme Court. But, I personally don't care about this part of the case anymore. OK ... couldn't resist ... post OTR

What sparked my interest though, was Mark Furhman's report about speaking with the Anthony's neighbor who said: "On Father's Day weekend he heard the Anthony's having a fight". This is really important in my book and I hope more information comes forward from other neighbors in the areas. Although the Anthony's deny fighting, but I take their statement with caution. Mark also stated that Casey's phone bill was $724.00 to AT&T which leads me to believe that at some point, perhaps on July 15th, AT&T shut off her phone. My reasons are based on "Casey saying to the 911 operator: "I received a phone call around Noon and spoke to Caylee for a minute. When I tried to call back the phone was no longer in service." In every lie, there is a part of the truth. So I think Casey's phone was disconnected at some point on July 15th and Casey could honestly say: "When I try to call back the phone was no longer in service. We all know you can't call back an unknown number or a private number so this is a LIE!!! There is a lot of hipe about the physics in Florida searching and who asked them to come etc. Followers of the physics in the local area of Orlando, asked for them to come to Orlando. The physics received numerous requests from locals, NOT the Anthony's and NOT LE.


There was lots of discussions about the psychics wanting money to do this search and the fact is, they were looking for donations to cover the cost of their trip to Florida for gas, housing and food, not to be paid for "the search". Not everyone has money to put out for a 3,000 mile round trip and pay the high price for gas, then eating and sleeping. So I find the request to help defray the cost justifiable.

There are many reports about how reliable this psychics are etc., is really not important to me. The fact that these people, along with their dogs, are willing to drive around, get out of their cars in the Florida heat and walked through the woods and other areas is important.

No one in their right mind is going to subject themselves to the Florida heat all day long for nothing. The dogs are the ones that suffer the most in this heat, especailly when these dogs are not use to the Florida heat and humidity.

George and Cindy rode around in their air-conditioned vehicle toteing around a "billboard". The hell with the billboard, get out and walk the terrains, anywhere, somewhere, heck even join the physics. Anything is better then driving the billboard to the Orange County Sheriff's Department and sit inside debating a phone call.


Anonymous said...

It's Psychic, not Physic

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Thanks Blink34!