Saturday, August 2, 2008

George Anthony Solves Mystery Of Stolen Gas

On June 22, 2008, George reported to the police that two gas cans were stolen from his shed. In the police log of crime reported this incident shows up as 6/22/08. However on the incident report made, the date of the stolen gas cans are from June 23rd to June 24th 2008.

In any event, George claims he solved the mystery of the stolen case cans as stated in the above link.

off of:

Change the Zone to 20A click on GO and look for 6/22/08

Actual report:

Scroll down to 7/28/08 "Robbery" and click on download.

Mystery Break-In Solved

Anthony's father said he's solved the mystery break-in at his home.

The break-in happened around the same time Casey Anthony borrowed a shovel from a neighbor and the last time the girl's voice was heard.

"Someone had broken a lock and gas cans were taken," George Anthony said. "Gas cans with gas, probably in the neighborhood of $50 -- right around in there. I did find out who did it and they came back to me and that was the extent of it."

My personal thought is George should release the name or at least say it was a neighborhood "hoodlum" or perhaps his own daughter Casey that took the gas. Leaving the "I found out who dunnit" just leaves the public wondering "who really dunnit!

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