Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OTR with Greta - August 19, 2008

Attorney Baez shared with Greta that Casey got to see a little TV the other day, and Casey says: "they need to put Caylee's picture out there more." The media on all levels have put Caylee's picture out all over the place. Caylee's sweet, innocent, precious face has been shown since July 16th, the day Casey was arrested.

Attorney Baez, as would any attorney in this situation advised his client, Casey Anthony, not to speak, plain and simple. It makes no difference if 50 men all dressed in black with 10 gallon hats walk into Orlando, Casey is not going to tell them what she did with Caylee. It's just not going to happen.

As of Thursday, August 21, 2008, the state has 190 days to get this to trial, based on the current charges, otherwise Casey walks. I have no doubt the state will bring this to trial, and I hope that once the forensic reports come back, more charges are racked on.

Millions of people wake up hoping today is the day Casey will come to her senses and tell LE or her Attorney the truth on what happened to Caylee. I still can't wrap my brain around this whole story of a mother not willing to turn every grain of soil over the day that Caylee went missing.

I have seen so many pictures of Casey and Caylee together and each picture shows a young mother so happy with her daughter as with Caylee so comfortable in her mother's arms.

Caylee's mother and grandparents seemed to have provided just about everything a little girl could possible want with all her toys, stuffed animals, cute bedroom, books, a pool, sandbox, a little dog, plenty of clothes, a playhouse etc., so this is why I am going crazy over Casey's reaction of Caylee being missing and not reporting this even to her parents such a mystery! As well as Cindy's reaction of finding the car and it smelling like their was a dead body in it, and then driving Casey around, then calling 911 to want to arrest her daughter because she stole a car and some money.

I so don't want Casey out of jail today or any day. It's hard enough every day knowing Caylee is out there somewhere, alone, perhaps buried, and Caylee's mother is able to go back to her parents house and basically lead a fairly normal life. Sure Casey would have restrictions, but Casey's restrictions are nothing compared to the possible restriction Caylee has met and that could be death!

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