Sunday, August 3, 2008

Caylee With Great-GrandPa On Father's Day - July 15, 2008

This picture, although a beautiful site seeing Caylee in the arms of her great-grandfather, the picture has haunted me because of the look in Caylee's eyes. Actually when you look into Great-GrandPa's eyes, I see the same thing ... FEAR!

What is happening at that moment at the nursing home which changed from the video of a happy little girl reading from a children's book.

Sure, she could be tired as well as Great-GrandPa, but something just doesn't feel right to me.

In any event, in order to get it out of my head, I had to post it here for me to see.

You are in my prayers sweet little Caylee.


monica said...

Why is Great-GrandPa in this nursing home. It seems as if the Anthony's get rid of family members when it becomes inconvenient to keep them around. I SEE FEAR in both of them, and I have ever since I saw this photo. Caylee may have told Great-Grandpa, "Mommy said I can't visit you any more, cause she's going to kill me". "I want to stay with you pa-pa, Please pa-pa!

Patty said...

I believe great-grandpa is in the nursing home because he may have had a stroke and it was too hard for his wife to care for him at home. I would assume it was his wife's decision to put him there so he can be taken care of and so she could be there everyday to be with him.