Monday, August 11, 2008

Psychic's Team In Florida Searching For Caylee

Gale, the SOS search team and 2 search dogs will be leaving for tomorrow morning for Orlando Florida tomorrow to aid in the search for missing toddler Caylee Anthony. It's a drive of almost 1,000 miles each way and they still need approximately $700 in donations to pay for travel expenses. Regardless of whatever we reach the $1,500 goal, the team will be on the way tomorrow morning. If you would like to help in the search, or make a donation, please visit Gales website at Additional case information and search status can be found in our SOS case files here. If I'm able, I will be joining Gale and the team in Florida on Sunday...hopefully together we can help bring this case to a close, and expose the truth as to what really happened to Caylee.

The team arrived in Florida on August 10, 2008


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Per Gail ...
CBS WKMG in Orlando Florida- they just aired us and made us look like idiots. They said two women (me and colleen) after all the team information they gave. At the end they said "gale stjohn has not been in contact with the family and DOESN"T PLAN ON IT". Which never was said. I said WE will not go after them and bother them and invade their privacy. Can you post something about what we said. I have a feeling we are going to get shit for this crap. They completely went the opposite of what we said.

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