Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gas Can Robbery Incident Report Statement

SCENE: Storage shed in the fenced rear yard of the residence.
SECURED/FORCED:Secured/forced open.
POINT OF ENTRY/EXIT:Front door of the shed.
EVIDENCE OBTAINED: No latents recovered.
INSURANCE COMPANY: No information at time of report.
ADDITIONAL CHARGES; Petit Theft, Criminal mischief.

On 06/24/2008, at approximately 1037 hours, I responded to 4937 Hopespring Dr in reference to a burglary to a structure (storage shed). Upon arrival, I met with the victim, George Anthony, who relayed the following:

On 06/22/2006, between approximately 1800 and 1000 hours 06/24/2008, unknown suspect(s) entered his shed. This resulted in damage to the lock and the door The suspect(s) then removed the following items: 2 gas cans with about $50.00 worth of gas in them.

The victim stated that the shed was secured and no one had permission to enter or remove property. The victim estimated the total value of items taken to be $ 50.00 and the damage to be $ 50.00.

The victim gave a sworn written statement and wishes to testify and prosecute. The items stolen were not entered into teletype as stolen due to the fact that the victim could not provide serial numbers for the items.

I examined the crime scene and found the following: The shed door and the lock to the door were damaged and where the victim said his gas cans were is now empty. I attempted to dust for the presence of latent fingerprints and did not any latents. I provided the victim with a victim's rights pamphlet and a case card. At this time, there have been no witnesses or suspects located.

My thoughts!

Well, based on the fact the police wrote the year as 2006 on June 22, not sure what the hell is right anymore!

Right now I am thinking of Judge Judy when she says to the people in front of her "are you telling me the police lied in the police report regarding what happened on that day?"

Where is Judge Judy when you need her?

Now I am wondering if everyone that goes to the shed prior to the break-in wears gloves to take the lock off everytime they need something. Police dusted for fingerprints and there were NONE!

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