Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cindy Riding Around In A Chauffeured Town Car

WOW, can't believe my eyes with the Town Car and a Chauffer .... gee, maybe the Chauffer could drive the Anthony's around to look for Caylee! WTF!!!


Anonymous said...

You know if I were getting accosted by frenzied media with microphones thrust in my and cameras or by face even if I fart and the public taunting me, calling my name and maybe saying horrible things about me and my family on top of all that I already have to deal with--you are damn right I would want some sort of protection in order to have my mind mayne slow down for just one second!! This woman and her famly are almost running on empty. What a drain this takes on the life and body-mentally, physically, psychologically, spiritually ,financially. They are being eaten alive by a situation that is beyond their control.Their vigilant and silent emotionally dead dauthter- that they cannot make tell the truth= sits is protected behind the concrete walls of a jail. Casey has no media constantly on her heels trying to break down her psychological armor.

I think these folks have looked for Caylee and are at wits end on what to do next because the next step is the ultimate nightmare-to finally believe that your granddaughter was killed by the child's mother-your own flesh and blood that you birthed and raised!
So you know what, if this family feels a moment of protection and serenity as best as possible because someone is driving one of them around--I say GO FOR IT!!! YOU DESERVE FOR ONE SINGLE MOMENT TO FEEL YOUR MIND SLIGHTLY at ease!
And you folks that bitch, moan, groan and criticize are emotionally unavailable and have never experienced gut-wrenching tragedy. Maybe then , if you did, you would truly have a sense, finally have a emotional awakening and a ever slight compassion to the suggering of others.

Patty said...

I thank you for your comment to my post about the Town Car. Hopefully you have read my other posts as well because the most important person here is Caylee.

You searched out about the Town Car unless your an advid reader of my blog. So you probably were as curious as I was when I spotted the video of the Town Car

I have experieinced tragedy in my lifetime, but not that of a missing person.

I am sure the Town Car was provided by Casey's attorney and it was of no cost to the Anthony's.

But I know one thing, I would be collecting every dime I could find to get my daughter out of jail if this was going to help find Caylee.

Although, personally, Casey is were she should be.

Kim said...

Read an article that stated "Casey keeps her composure during questioning never crying or showing emotion". Try continually playing a recording of a child's voice that sounds like Caylee saying over and over "Mommy, I love you Mommy. Where am I ? I can't find you Mommy. I want to come home. I anted to spend my birthday with you Mommy" and let's see how long it takes her before she cracks. Play it during questioning, play it nonstop in her cell-over and over. Unfortunately this would probably be considered Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Unfortunately I guess Caylee does have that same right.

Kim said...

Excuse me---I meant Caylee D O E S N O T have the same right.