Monday, August 4, 2008

Florida Highway Patrol Report Could Help In Search For Caylee's Father

This is such a sad, sad situation knocking on doors looking for Caylee's father.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- By now you know Casey Anthony is Caylee's mother, but detectives want to know who the father is. It's a question Casey's own family can't answer, but there are some clues.

Channel 9 has learned the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is interested in an FHP crash report that might be a clue as to who Caylee’s father actually is or may reveal another lie told by the little girl’s mother.

Eyewitness News spent the day knocking on doors Monday looking for relatives and friends of Jesus Ortiz, a 21-year-old killed in a car crash. In death, he's being dragged into the Caylee Anthony saga.

"I've never heard that name before," Cindy Anthony told Eyewitness News.

Caylee's grandmother Cindy claims no knowledge of Ortiz, slthough she has said Caylee's father was killed in a car crash. That crash investigation included a blood test for toxicology. Now investigators may use that sample in a post-mortem paternity test.

There seems to be a very interesting clue on the Internet, as well. Jesus Ortiz's MySpace page is still online and a condolence message was left in the name of none other than Caylee Marie Anthony.

Meanwhile, when Channel 9's Jeff Deal approached the potential father's family, they were shocked at the mere possibility that Jesus might be Caylee's father.

"The father? No," family members told Eyewitness News Monday.

Another possibility has been tossed around as well, that even Casey doesn't know who Caylee's father is and made up yet another lie about the mystery father who died in a car accident.

The medical examiner's office said the blood is still available for a paternity test. In the crash, Ortiz was found at fault and alcohol was not involved.

My Personal Thoughts

The statement above that I made in bold is an UNTRUE statement. So untrue I would like to slap the writer of this news article.

There is a message on Jesus' My Space page BUT it is not from Caylee Marie Anthony. It is from one of Jesus' My Space friend's "Stephanie" who just added next to her profile name "love you Caylee Marie Anthony.

This is the MySpace entry on Jesus' My Space Page.
[Stephanie] Love You Caylee Marie Anthony♥
May 11 2007 5:29 PM

wow. i just got back from vacation and heard the news. it's absolutely unreal... and i didn't want to believe it. you really did touch everyone you ever met. it was too soon, and you had so much to show the world. you are loved, you are missed, you're in all of our prayers. if i'm this heartbroken about it, i can only imagine your family. my prayers go out to all of you. RIP jesus.
miss you, love you, see you in time my friend. ♥

What the hell is wrong with all these reporters/journalists or just plain ass holes running around throughout Orlando, knocking on every Ortiz's door asking them if they have a son named Jesus', hey, is he the one that died in a car crash last year? Is he the father of the missing little girl Caylee? We have proof, we have proof, there is an entry on Jesus' My Space page! What the fuck!

This young man died only 15 months ago and his family is still mourning and we have these ass holes, all of them, including FOX just trying to be the first to get the story.



A special note to Casey!

See what all your lies have done! Now another family is being affected by your lies as they mourn over the loss of their young son. Each day Casey, you irritate the living hell out of me!


Anonymous said...

casey the mom, is listed as a friend as well; though not the same as the comment that was left by steph

Patty said...

Yup, I know that Casey is listed as a "friend" and aware of her comment.

What bothered me is the reporter doing a "spin" about Caylee posting the comment. What was he even thinking? Didn't he even read the comment posted? NOPE, NOPE, he saw Caylee's pictur etc., etc. and took off with the story.

This is why things get so screwed up with the media and their reporting. It starts unnecessary rumors!