Wednesday, August 6, 2008

CSI Returns To Anthony's Home 8/6/08

Raw Video of CSI Going To Anthony's Home

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Two Orange County Sheriff's Office crime scene investigation technicians paid a visit to the Anthony home in East Orlando on Wednesday.

The technicians took a cart and a box of latex gloves inside with them.

Lead investigator John Allen was also at the home. Authorities said more evidence was being taken from the home for FBI testing.

When investigators left more than two hours later, Allen had little to say about what was taken from the home.

Last week, investigators made another visit to the home and took two large paper bags containing gas cans. Caylee's grandfather, George Anthony, accompanied investigators for that search.

The gas cans investigators took from the Anthony home last week were in the shed behind the house.

Caylee's grandmother, Cindy Anthony, said her husband went to mow the grass and the shed's lock was broken and the cans were gone so he filed a police report.

Cindy Anthony said her daughter, Casey Anthony, fessed up to taking the gas cans because her car ran out of gas.

She says the cans are irrelevant to the case, and that her daughter was simply embarrassed that her car had run out of gas.

"She didn't want him to know. She thought she could put them back and leave him a note of apology. There was no Caylee in the back of the car. There was nothing else in the back of the car except normal stuff," Cindy Anthony said. She went on to say that her daughter is now a victim, just like Caylee.

"Casey has spoken. She has spoken. They don't listen and I can't go into more of that because again, that is part of the investigation ," Cindy Anthony said. As to how the investigation is going, Caylee's grandmother said the public needs to use their common sense.

She said the gas cans were taken from the home by investigators last week because there were other fingerprints on them besides the Anthony family's.

Wednesday's visit is the third time investigators have searched the Anthony home since Caylee has been missing.

Meanwhile, Anthony is slated to appear in court two weeks from Thursday to be formally arraigned on charges of felony neglect of her daughter Caylee and misdemeanor charge of filing a false police report.

Court records show her lawyer has already entered a written plea of not guilty. Casey attorney, Jose Baez, would not offer further comment on the charges on Wednesday.

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