Monday, August 18, 2008

FOX Reports of Casey Bond Release - 8/18/08

I recorded from my own TV and I am sharing my personal links to the FOX Reports as well as shared them on one other site, for all those carefully watching me. :)

August 18, 2008
FOX Report ~ 9:15 AM (Padilla In Town)

FOX Report ~10:15 AM (Padilla)

FOX Report at ~10:45 AM

FOX Report at 12:06 PM

FOX Report after 1:00 PM

FOX Report after 2:00 PM Larry Garrison

FOX Report at 3:15 PM with Bounty Hunter

Prime News @ 5:30 PM with BH Padilla

Oops, you can hear me on the video when BH Padilla calls Casey "Stacey".

FOX Report - Shep @ 7:30 pm 8/18/08

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