Sunday, August 24, 2008

Geraldo - August 23, 2008

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So we have Baez claiming he is taking a ACTIVE search looking for Caylee and that LE is not. Now Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla ordering some sort of system to ping Casey's cellphone during June 16 to the 20th right up to when Casey bought the pizza on June 19th.

Then BH Padilla is going to wait 5 MORE days and then go looking for Amy, JP, Ricardo, and ex-boyfriend Tony to seek out Caylee. GET your butt out there NOW!!!

Looks like everyone feels LE is doing nothing at all. I personally feel LE is doing just about everything that is humanily possible to figure out the last known whereabouts of Casey with Caylee.

When you look at LE, they look exhausted with dark circles under their eyes. Hours and hours have been spent on trying to find Caylee with no known positive leads except what Casey told LE, of which, we all know they are lies.

I listen to the first free call Casey made to her parents house and there is something so wrong about that phone call, especially when Christine or Kristan firsts asks Casey "did Tony have anything to do with Caylee?" The tone in Casey voice is different then in the earlier conversation.

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