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Casey Anthony's Time-line Is Shrinking - UPDATE

Each day there is another twist, and today is no different with the discovery of a possible date on a guest card that may have been looked at incorrectly.

I will write more tomorrow, but now my time-line is shrinking. I am thinking more in the area of June 16th to June 17th time-frame. I might extend it to June 18th, but I will leave it right at June 17th for now. Although I still question June 15th.

August 6, 2008

I finally watched OTR from Tuesday's show 8/5/08. I didn't want to because I just didn't want to hear more lies.

I still keep going back to June 15th with Cindy taking Caylee to the nursing home because Cindy was the last known person to see Caylee. During the OTR interview, it just seemed no details came out about the evening of the 15th of June. I am looking for "when Caylee and I (Cindy) came back to the house after visiting with great-grandpa, we had some dinner, I gave Caylee a bath and so on.

Like what happened when Cindy and Caylee came back to the house? Was George home, was Casey there, did Casey come home later? WHAT!!!

All I heard was Cindy saying I heard "them" in the bedroom and didn't see them the morning of June 16th, but George has it down to the minute 12:50 PM as he was watching the Food Channel his favorite show.

From let's say 6:00 PM on June 15th until 12:50 PM on June 16th, you mean to tell me a 2 1/2 year old was in a room for all those hours? No breakfast, no lunch, no play-time, no bath. This makes no sense to me at all.

Something is really wrong with this picture. Doting grandparents love to be with their grandchildren, fixing them breakfast, reading books, etc. They would even want the child to get up and start doing things.

Just got finish briefly watching OTR show 8/6/08 with Mark Furhman

6/15/2008 - Cindy and Caylee take a swim in the pool, come out, take the ladder away.
My question: Where was Casey and George when Cindy and Caylee went in the pool?

6/16/2008 - Casey and Caylee in the house. Cindy already at work.
My question: What time does Cindy start work?

6/16/08 - George sees Casey and Caylee at 12:50 PM with backpacks on their way out the door.
My question: Did George see Caylee have lunch, breakfast, use potty, bath, playing etc.? A child may get up at 7:00 AM to almost 1:00 PM that 6 hours of unaccountable time in that household. Is there a bathroom in Casey's room?

6/16/08 - George leaves for work at 2:30 PM

6/16/08 - starting at 3:00 PM and ending at 4:00 PM there are numerous phone calls from Casey to her father, mother and friends. Quick phone calls although cellphone records would show a minute because you are charged a minute even if the call is 2 seconds.
My question: How far is it from the Anthony household to George's employment? Why didn't George have his cellphone on? Could it be because of "pings" re" his whereabouts?

Thinking out loud: All these phone calls are within 2 hours after Casey left her parents house with Caylee. I find it very odd, that Cindy and George didn't answer Casey's calls within that hour. I know they both maybe at work, but most folks working leave their cell phones on "perhaps" on vibrator mode" so they know when they get a phone call. George is suppose to be en-route to his job and Casey starts calling Cindy/George etc. at 3:00 PM.

Added 8/7/08 - Could Casey have drowned Caylee in the pool?

6/16/08 - starting at 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM Casey starts calling Cindy, George and others and no connection. Just minutes phone calls which could be just a few second phone calls.

6/16/08 - No more phone calls were made after 7:30 PM.

6/17/08 - Anthony's "allegedly" notice that the ladder was back in the pool and the gate to the pool was open.

My question: Exactly what time did the Anthony's find the pool gate open? Who found the ladder in the pool, George of Cindy?

6/17/08 - It has now been verified that the person that went to look at apartment #210, has been located and verified they did not know anyone by the name of Casey or ever met Caylee The theory that Casey may have filled out the guest card when out the window.
My question: Does Casey know someone within the office of the Sawgrass Apartments.

6/17/08 - I believe Mark reported on numerous phone calls back to back on the 17th of June also.

My thoughts: It seems odd that on the 16th and 17th no phone calls were answered.
My question: Were any phone calls ever returned to Casey?

6/18/08 - Mark Furhman feels the shovel was borrowed from the neighbor as well as the same day the neighbor sees Casey's car backed into the driveway.
My thoughts: Neighbor needs to try an pin point a time Casey borrowed the shovel. Was it after 2:30 PM when George apparently goes to work?

Based on the above time-frame, I feel June 16th is the last day Caylee took a breath of air ~2:00 - 2:30 PM

I feel that Casey borrowed the shovel on June 17, 2008 after Casey back into the driveway and went across the street to get the shovel, Casey brought Caylee out of the trunk and Casey went through the garage to the backyard.

I feel Casey had Caylee in the trunk of the car and after Casey backed the garage to the garage, Casey took Caylee out the trunk and put Caylee on the ground near the pool and then Casey put the ladder in the pool.

When Casey realized the pool idea wasn't a good one, she went to another area, possibly near the playhouse and put Caylee down and was going to attempt to dig a hole under the playhouse knowing fully a concrete slab or pillars were going to be placed there on July 4th.

I also feel that the shed was broken into on June 17th. George tells Greta he believes the last time he was in the shed was Sunday which would be June 22nd, but I think he was last in the shed on June 15th, Father's Day, while Cindy and Caylee were at the nursing home.

6/24/08 - Casey shows up at her parents house and George hears the garage doors open and he meets Casey in the garage. Actually not sure this is FACT, but as I recall with OTR interview, George says Casey came into the house. "Casey said she came home to get more clothes and she was going back to work".

George asks "where is Caylee" and Casey said: "with the nanny".

Four hours before Casey shows up at her parents house around 2:00 PM, George called the police to report that 2 gas cans were stolen from his shed and the lock was broken to get into the shed. The police officer arrived at the Anthony's home around 10:00 AM on June 24th to take the report, look at the shed and dust for fingerprints.

Note: there were no fingerprints on the lock or shed based on the officers report. Now how in the world could that happen? Hummm, someone perhaps wiped off all the fingerprints!

During this time that Casey was with George, there was discussion about this "wedge" to support the car as George wanted to rotate Cindy's tires that weekend.

Note: The temperature in Florida on June 24th was 89 degrees and stayed that way right into the weekend and beyond. No one in their right mind would rotate tires in the heat especially when the sun beats on their house all day. I will accept the possibility that George may have done this in the garage, but not sure. You can go to Wal-Mart for a few bucks and rotate tires and shop at the same time.

Eventually after some go around, George decides to open the trunk of the car and spots the gas cans. No where did I hear George say: "Casey, I just reported the gas cans stolen 4 hours ago to the police!"

During the OTR interview when George is speaking about the gas cans, he says Casey said: (I need to get the exact quote) something about a break-in to the shed. At that point Cindy chimes in during the OTR interview and says "I called Casey and told her about the gas cans being stolen."

My thoughts: So on the same day, June 24th, when George finds the shed is broken into and calls the police, then calls Cindy, Cindy then calls Casey to tell her about the gas cans and then Casey shows up at the house four hours later with the gas cans in the trunk .... hummmmmmmmmm

But George looks surprised during the OTR interview when Cindy makes the statement: "I called Casey and told her."

Eventually George wins and he opens the trunk and there are the gas cans. George doesn't notify police that his daughter had the gas cans and let's just drop the robbery report because it was "all in the family".

Nope, he lets the robbery report stay active, until it shows up through OCSD and then the media hits on it. It had to be two weeks before George comes out and says" I know who did it and that's the extent of it".
My question: Why didn't George just say, my daughter Casey took the gas cans.?

Also on this busy June 24th day, this is when a phone calls exchange happens between Jesse and Casey. Casey want s to know if Jesse wants to hang out as Caylee is with the nanny at the beach for the weekend.
Note: Not sure why Casey said "at the beach for the weekend when June 24th is a Tuesday!"

Jesse hears Casey say: "get off the table" and believed he heard Caylee's voice. Jesse recanted because he wasn't sure if he actually heard Caylee's voice.

After earlier thinking the Anthony's have pets, and wondering if Jesse heard a sound from a pet, after watching OTR and the part where Greta and Cindy are in the kitchen or dining room, there sitting right out for everyone to see "a cat laying of the table". I am convinced that Jesse did hear something when Casey said "get off the table" and that was the sound of the cat in the background.

Something more happened on June 24th and I feel it was the start of the car being left in the Amscot parking lot on June 27th knowing fully if left in the Amscot parking lot it would be towed away. Of which, it was towed on June 30th and sat at the tow yard for two weeks until a reigstered letter arrived on July 15th. I feel the registered letter may have been attempted to be delivered on July 14th, but no one was home at the time of regular mail delivery.

Between June 24th and June 27th, Caylee was in the trunk of that car. Perhaps Casey, after her father left for work, removed Caylee from the property and placed her in the trunk, OR perhaps when George opened the trunk there was Caylee.

The transportation or the placing of Caylee in the trunk was done on June 24th at some point.

We all know how easy it was for Drew Peterson, retired police officer to dispose of Stacy, based on his training in LE. George is former police officer who I believe worked in the homicide department in Ohio.

I still hear Casey's words "She is close to home".

I so want LE to break through that concrete and take a better look.

Last updated entry at 9:50 pm - 8/10/08

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