Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where Is Caylee's Paternal Grandparents?

Why haven't we heard "hide nor heal" of the paternal grandparents concerning their granddaughter Caylee? This makes no sense to me at all. You would think the paternal grandparents would be rallying around the material grandparents for support in finding Caylee.

Where is the obituary to the death of their son? Does the obit mention Caylee's name in the obituary. Why didn't the father of Caylee sign the birth certificate?

Does Casey really know who Caylee's father is? Could Granny be right when she said in court Jesse is the biological father of Caylee?

Jesse, take a paternity test to verify one way or another whether you are Caylee's father.

Caylee's family tree is a mystery!

Update as of July 28, 2008

Upon visiting another board most of the day yesterday, it was uncovered that perhaps Jesus Ortiz, the young man who died in a tragic car accident in May of 2007 could be Caylee's biological father. This is only speculation as this is the only young male that was killed in a tragic accident a year ago in Orlando.

Now this is all speculation because nothing has been uncovered to determine whether or not Jesus Ortiz is Caylee's father.

I was not able to find the obituary for Jesus in order to read the names of relatives etc., the only thing that I did find was on Jesus' MySpace profile page where it asks about children and his answer for Children: Someday.

Hispanic families are really close, warm and open their hearts to all within their family. If Caylee was the child of Jesus, then Jesus would have told his parents. He would want his parents to know that a child was born. Jesus' parents would be in Caylee's life. Jesus' parents would want their granddaughter to know this side of her family.

The sad part about all of this is IF Casey reveals this name as being the father and it turns out that this too is a lie, it will be devasating for the Ortiz' family.

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