Friday, July 18, 2008

Nancy Cooper

I feel that something happened to Nancy in her home after she left the house party late Friday evening.

I feel there was a heated argument once they returned home and he killed her and then put her in her jogging clothes in order to prepare a statement "she went jogging at 7:00 AM". It might have even been premeditated. Once the media releases what she was wearing will determine in part what happened.

I don't feel that Nancy's normal routine of jogging would last more than an hour as she has two little children to care for ESPECIALLY since she was dealing with marital issues at home and may fear her husband would take the children away while she was out jogging.

I feel it was the right thing for the grandparents and sister to ask for custody of the children. The couple are not Americans and based on this murder investigation, should he get arrested, the main concern would be the children.

It's better they go with the grandparents in Canada then to get caught up in Children's Services in America. The children do not have a relative in the United States because both parents are Canadian . The children were born in America as far I as understand..

The father of the children could have protested the petition in court but the way it sounds he didn't nor did he report his wife missing, look for her, or even go to the press conference.

People ask where were her parents all this time? Well, they live in Canada, a great distance from North Carolina and have a family business.

Since the young children already have passports at the age of 2 and 4, chances are the family traveled to Canada on occasion to visit family.

I am curious to know who watched the children while they were at the house party on Friday evening. The babysitter would possible know of the demeanor of both of them when they returned home from the party. The babysitter would also be able to tell the police what Nancy wore that evening to the party as well as the people at the party. The people at the party would also be able to notice if there was friction between them at the party.

When a rumor gets leaked out about him buying bleach at a variety store at 4:00 AM sound very plausible. Something could have taken place in the garage, if they have one, but clearly something happened in that household. If she was dead and he left the house in the middle of the night, these little babies were left all alone.

It sickens me if this is the way it happened and thank goodness the children didn't wake up looking for their mother.

Friends set up a blogspot regarding Nancy and updates.

Court documents filed in custody hearing of the children by their maternal grandparents and aunt.


Kathryn said...


I saw your compassionate comment on the blog for Nancy Cooper. You must have a heart as wide as the Texas sky to include this on your own blog.

As a former victim of domestic abuse that lasted almost 25 years, with a blog of my own...I've heard from hundreds of women that are fearful, trapped and don't know what to do. The first place the police look when there is such a crime is at the husband/boyfriend.

This in itself produces enormous emotional conflicts. I trust this isn't the case with Nancy's family.

I cannot even imagine what they must be going through. The one thing I've learned is that the Lord understands the "language" of tears.

Patty said...

Hi Kathryn,

Thank you so much for reading what I wrote about Nancy.

There are times I get so frustrated and have to write to get it out of my system.

I too am a former victum of domestic abuse. During those years the police overlooked what was happening in the household. Thank goodness laws came around to finally protect anyone being abused in their relationships.

I feel in my heart that Nancy was not physically abused but more emotionally and mentally abused. All three are devastating especially in front of the children.

My heart is so devastated especially finding out Nancy has a twin sister. Maybe in a way, God made sure they were twins so the children will always see their mother's face when they look at their aunt.

I pray this comes to a close soon so that the family can go back to Canada and begin to heal.

Thank you for the wonderful comment.