Thursday, July 24, 2008

Attorney Makes Accusations Against Sheriff's Office

Attorney Makes Accusations Against Sheriff's Office

Fireworks were flying Wednesday night in the case of missing 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. Her mother's attorney, Jose Baez, made startling accusations against the Orange County Sheriff's Office while appearing on CNN's Nancy Grace show.

Baez said his client, Casey Anthony, is keeping her head up, but was bothered by the high bond that her family has to come up with to get her out of jail, where she has been held for a full week. Detectives, though, say Casey and her attorney are slowing their investigation, something her attorney denies.

"The confusion comes from everyone's misunderstanding about attorney-client privilege and about what I'm willing to do," said Baez.

In fact, he accused Orange County Deputy Carlos Padilla of lying about their communication.

"So Padilla is completely lying when he says you have not returned his phone calls?" Baez was asked.

"100%, 100%," he said.

In his strongest words yet about investigators searching for Caylee, Baez said he simply wouldn't allow a free-form grilling of his client by detectives. The statement was made after his TV appearance Wednesday night, during which host Nancy Grace said investigators had called in and tried to set up a meeting with Baez.

"I will be the go-between and I will help them in anything they need. If they want to sit there and interrogate her, that's just not going to happen," said Baez.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has repeatedly said Casey Anthony holds the key to the case and she has not been as cooperative as they would like. They said Baez's comments on TV were ridiculous.

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