Monday, July 28, 2008

Prayer Vigil For Caylee

My Bottled Up Thoughts!

I hope today, Monday July 28, 2008 brings some answers to what Orange County Sheriffs Department uncovered regarding the car and what was found.

Granny chants: "Orange County Sheriff Department, bring Caylee Home", and I wonder how they are going to find Caylee without the cooperation of Casey.

Most parents and grandparents report their children missing within hours, sometimes within minutes of them not arriving home, or not in their bed, or not showing up in school, etc. At least the police have a could chance at finding a missing child within the first few hours or as the police would say "the first 48 hours are crucial" in find a missing person.

We know that Caylee was alive on the morning of June 16th, but from that day forward there has been no sightings of Caylee at all. Although there were telephone conversation between Jesse and Casey where Jesse heard Casey tell Caylee to get off the table, but no one really knows if this was true or just something she said to make others think Caylee was really on the table.

Praying today from deep within my soul that the Sheriff's Department come through with some strong information.

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