Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tony Lazarro Picked Up Casey From The Parking Lot

When Casey called Lazarro for a ride from the Amscot where she abandoned her car, she claimed it had broken down and that her father was going to get it to a shop later. That car holds some of the most significant evidence investigators have revealed, possible evidence of Caylee's hair, a suspicious stain and the odor of human decomposition, all in the trunk.

Friends said Lazzaro believed she worked as an event planner at Universal Studios for the two months they were together. She told him her boss allowed her to work from her computer at his Winter Park apartment. They found out later from her family she wasn't earning the money she was spending. Instead, Casey was running up her mother's credit cards.

Friends told Eyewitness News Casey celebrated Independence Day with her boyfriend Tony Lazarro. She partied and cooked dinner for him and his roommate.

Link added: August 11, 2008 (member from webslueths found the link for the article. Thank you)

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