Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cindy Anthony Speaks To Media After Hearing!

Cindy says: "she is a nurse of decomposition". HUH???

Cindy needs to get an attorney as she is revealing things which just might "bite her in the ass". She has receipts of where Casey was for the last two weeks? How the hell does Cindy have receipts of where Casey was for the last two weeks? This makes no sense because if Cindy has receipts, why the heck didn't she notice the car Casey was driving was not even around DURING those two weeks?

Cindy, the police are trying to find Caylee, and they need your daughter's cooperation. Caylee can't leave a trail without an adult creating the trail.

Somewhere it is stated that Cindy tucked Caylee in bed on June 14, 2008 and in court Cindy admits she went to see her father at the nursing home on June 15, 2008 with Caylee.

This means that back on "June 8th or 9th" when Cindy said Casey left with Caylee to bond with Caylee, at some point Casey returned back to her mother's house and continued living there.

There is no evidence against my daughter claims Cindy at the hearing. HUMMMMMMMMM! And Cindy says: "the cadaver dogs are WRONG!!!"

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