Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grandmother Talks About Atlanta Phone Call

Listen carefully to the grandmother speaking. For someone who is a nurse, she has no clue or understanding that the smell of decomposition is just what it is and that just the smell can't determine whether it is Caylee, John Dick or Harry.

The smell of a humans decomposition is just that ... a human died on that spot, in that car, or under that tree. No race, gender, or name can be determined by the smell of decomposition.

Based on the fact that Caylee has been missing and not accounted for and was not reported for many weeks and the cadaver dogs hit on decomposition in the backyard and truck is very strong evidence that the child was dead.

Cindy is ranting on and on about the investigation. Clearly the police are not going to tell Cindy of everything they are doing with the investigation.

Now Cindy claims that Casey reported Caylee as being kipnapped and why isn't the FBI involved. The FBI is not involved because right now there is no evidence the child has been kidnapped.

I didn't quite understand what Cindy was talking about the Jacksonville trip. Apparently Casey took a trip to Jacksonville and a friend introduced Casey to a Nanny. This just doesn't make any sense.

None of this makes any sense ... none of it! Now they want the hearing overtuned through Federal Court. I am not sure this could even go to Federal Court.

Although, Dog, The Bounty Hunter was showing some interest in this case, I don't think he should get involved because something really stinks in Orlando!

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