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No Truthful Answers In Caylee's Disappearance

While watch Geraldo on Saturday, July 26, 2008, Gerlado pulls up a few of these discrepancies out of few of Cindy Anthony's mouth.

911 phone call - The car smells like a dead body was in the damn car!

Granny then tells the media there was a bag of pizza in the trunk with maggots and she threw it out!

Granny reports Caylee missing as of June 8!

According to the recent interview with Grandpa, he clearly said that "we saw Casey and Caylee everyday until June 16th as this is where they live.

On July 24, 2008 after the 911 calls were released, the media was speaking to Granny about what Casey said to the 91 operator.

Granny CLEARLY says that Casey never spoke to the 911 operator. The reporter told Granny, we all heard Casey say "I haven't seen my daughter in 31 days". Granny's response to the reporter was "I called 911."

We all know that wasn't true!

Geraldo mentions something from law school days about "excited utterance". This is where the truth comes out in a conversation "as in Granny telling the 911 operator that the car smells like their was a dead body in it!"

According to myfoxorlando ....
Casey, remains behind bars. Casey's brother, Lee, says there is confirmation of where his sister met a babysitter who allegedly kidnapped Caylee. Lee Anthony also mentioned two other people who supposedly know the babysitter, Zenaida Fernandez- Gonzalez, though he himself acknowledged that he had never met Gonzalez

Investigators are troubled as how Casey, who has not had full time employment in over a year, was able to afford a babysitter.

Casey's brother Lee says: "My sister doesn't have a car payment. My mom pays her cell phone bill. She doesn't pay any rent while living here (at her parents' Orlando house). My sister doesn't have any bills. The only bills she has is if she goes out, goes out to eat, things like that. And if you're my sister's boyfriend, you're probably paying for everything for my sister anyway."

Cindy is also encouraged by tips offered by psychics who have chimed in on the missing girl. "All kinds of psychics have contacted me. They all say Caylee is fine and our daughter is not involved."

Cindy then lambasted the media in what she said was inaccurate coverage.
"News media reaches out to people who know nothing. Why does the media want to harass innocent people?" she asked.

Cindy also expressed her displeasure with investigators on the case. "Every time they call, they ask to speak to my husband or Casey's brother. They're treating me like a child. I'm not a child."

My Bottled Up Thoughts!

I'm convinced that the grandparents don't know their daughter Casey very well at all.

The grandparents allowed Casey to lie throughout her childhood and never corrected her, gave her the right formula for life and the reasons why "telling lies is worng". But then Granny probably didn't learn that either as she was growing up!

It is clearer now that the last time the Grandparents saw Caylee was on June 16th. Granny returned back to her home with Caylee after the visit to the nursing home. Casey and Caylee were both at the house the evening of June 15th.

Now the puzzle begins on the day of June 16th and ends on June 27th when the car was left in the parking lot.

We know that on June 24th or 25th, there was a phone call from Casey to Jesse (as per Jesse's sworn testimony to the police). Casey told Jesse she was free that weekend, which is June 27th, "if they wanted to get together" as Caylee was with the "nanny and that they (nanny and Caylee) had gone to the beach for the weekend"

Odd that Casey said it that way to Jesse, because when Casey called Jesse it was either on Tuesday or Wednesday, a few days before the actual weekend.

It would cost a "bundle" to pay a babysitter for 4, 5 or 6 days to watch a child. How the hell could Casey pay for a babysitter without a JOB!!! Let's say Caylee was with the babysitter for 4 days, that is 48 hours @ $5.00/hr (cheap rate) that's $240.00 for 48 hours. Where the heck did Casey get the money?

Even though Lee, Casey's brother feels that Casey's boyfriend would probably pay the for the babysitter, I doubt that very seriously. That's a lot of money for a boyfriend to pay and then foot the the bills for the rest of the weekend just to get "laid". Casey hasn't had any boyfriends long enough to pay for 4 hours of babysitting.

It looks like Casey was going to move in with a friend named Amy, according to the message posted by Casey on Amy's Facebook wall. This would have been around the time Casey left with her parents home with Caylee. But in the message left on Amy's Facebook wall, Casey mentions "she can't wait as it will only be us girls ..." The way it was written, it didn't sound like a child was included.

I don't know if Casey ever met up with Jesse on the 29th of June, but somehow, Tony came into the picture as Casey's boyfriend.

According to Tony's sworn testimony, Tony met Casey in May and they started dating in June. Did Tony start dating Casey from June 16th, or was it that weekend on June 20th OR could it have been on June 29th. Remembering that Casey called Jesse on June 24th or 25th telling him she was free that weekend.

Why would Casey call Jesse to tell him she is free on the weekend (June 29th) when Casey is dating Tony, the new boyfriend on the block

Was Casey using Jesse as an alibi so Jesse could hear Casey tell Caylee to get off the table?

Did Tony ever tell Casey he doesn't like kids? Tony is young and young men want their freedom!

It has been reported on another site, that it was Tony that picked up Casey at the parking lot when the car broke down, telling Tony that Casey's father will come and get it.

I am curious to know whether the babysitter has a car and does it have a carseat?

Grandpa admitted on air that Casey within the last few months was hanging around with a new crowd of people. Was this new crowd of people Amy and Tony???

Casey took Amy to the airport, of which, the police need to verify Amy's appearance at the airport through cameras. They need to see if Casey and Caylee were with Amy at the airport and what date that was. Amy left Casey with Amy's car that week, more than likely after Casey's car was left in the parking lot.

I don't know if the disappearance of Caylee will ever be resolved. There is a very haunting thought in my head, of which, I had from the first day I heard of this bizarre disappearance of a nearly 3 year-old child.

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