Friday, July 25, 2008

Cindy Anthony Talks About Tip From Georgia!

Cindy, stop talking to the media as you are not helping the situation. If anything, go and visit your daughter in jail and speak directly with her. All inmates are allowed visitors. Speak with Casey's attorney and insist you speak with your daughter.

I find it odd that the family was not able to come up with the bail money especially after Cindy's testimony at the bond hearing. I thought you could put up your home as collateral to get a person out of jail. This would be a secure bond and if the person took off, the bonds company could take the house. I might be talking into my hat on the one, but I thought this would be feasible.

What Cindy needs to do is REMOVE her phone number from the webpage and only leave the tip line and the phone numbers for the police department. Cindy's accusation that the person calling about Caylee couldn't get through to the tip-line is so untrue. If the person couldn't get through the tip-line, then the next place a tipster would call would be the Sheriff's Department and their phone number is also listed. The last person I would call would be the family going through all of this to tell them they saw Caylee. This makes no sense at all!

I still find it very disturbing when I heard Casey during the 911 call indicating she heard from the babysitter that day, July 15th, of which the phone number is no longer in service but was able to speak to Caylee for a moment .. a minute. WHAT!!!!

So what did this person do, call Casey and then turnaround and cancel her telephone/cell phone account? Makes no sense at all as all phone records can be traced especially since its obvious the call went to Casey cell phone #. So easy to check, so very, very easy to check.

The cell phone records will be very important in this case especially with Casey calling people and it will be curious to see how oftern Granny called Casey in that month.

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